Football: OUA all-star defence loaded with Laurier; Brannagan-Faulds debate unsettled

Rob Pettapiece resolved the great Faulds-Brannagan debate a couple weeks ago, but to draw out the suspense the OUA held off on naming a first-team quarterback until it announces its award winners Thursday. Whoever gets it is also the first-team all-star.

That's why both quarterbacks are listed separately. Anyhow, Laurier also had six first-teamers on defence, where no other school had more than four players recognized in total.

The Niagara region also accounted for all three first-team linebackers (Chmielewski from St. Catharines and Rapanaro and Surla from Niagara Falls) and a defensive halfback, Guelph's James Savoie, who plays a bit like a linebacker. Here's the OUA selections:

  • Quarterback — Dan Brannagan, Queen’s and Michael Faulds, Western
  • Running back — Nick Fitzgibbon, Guelph and Nathan Riva, Western (Mike Montoya, Laurier and Jordan Wilson-Ross, Ottawa)
  • Wide receiver — Cyril Adjeity, Ottawa and Nick Trevail, Western (Jedd Gardner, Guelph and Dustin Zender, Waterloo)
  • Inside receiver — Dillon Heap, Laurier and Scott Valberg, Queen's (Steve Hughes, Ottawa and Nick Pasic, Western)
  • Tackle — Ryan Bomben, Guelph and Matt O'Donnell, Queen's (Josh Buttrill, Western and Mike Sewell, McMaster)
  • Guard — Justin Glover, McMaster and Matt Norman, Western (Adam Bestard, Laurier and Vince DeCivita, Queen's)
  • Centre — Matt Morencie, Windsor (Dan Bederman, Queen's)
  • Punter — Rob Maver, Guelph (Dave Sevigny, Waterloo)
  • Placekicker — Rob Maver, Guelph (Dan Village, Queen's)
  • Kick returner — Dillon Heap, Laurier (Jimmy Allin, Queen's)
  • End — Paul Hancock, Laurier and Osie Ukwuoma, Queen's (Steve Cecchini, McMaster and Seamus Postuma, Windsor)
  • Tackle — Stephen Cormack, Laurier and S├ębastien T├ętreault, Ottawa (Chris Greaves, Western and Grant MacDonald, Guelph)
  • Linebacker — Ryan Chmielewski, McMaster and John Surla, Western (Mike Cornell, Ottawa and Adam Dunk, Guelph)
  • SAM linebacker — Giancarlo Rapanaro, Laurier (Connor Elliot, Western)
  • Cornerback — Taurean Allen, Laurier and Jimmy Allin, Queen's (Chayce Elliot, Ottawa and Cody Lynch, McMaster)
  • Halfback — James Savoie, Guelph and Jordan Van Horn, Laurier (Byron Metcalfe, McMaster and David Rooney, Queen's)
  • Safety — Courtney Stephen, Laurier (Craig Butler, Western)
  • Rush/Cover — Stephen Laporte, Queen's (Carlos Naranjo, Laurier)
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  1. Remember that comment i made about how many of Laurier's star players are returning next year and why i believe they will be the team to beat?

    5 of the 6 first team defensive all-stars return...

  2. Just to be clear, I had to fix this post. The OUA is announcing its awards Friday and I guess they figured if they announced who was first-team all-star, people would know its Hec Crighton nominee. That's why they listed Brannagan and Faulds as "quarterbacks.'

  3. Missing... Shomari Williams - Queen's

  4. Ok here's my thoughts from a UofG standpoint: Great to see Fitzgibbon get that top spot (Does being named first imply he beat out Riva?)- if thats the case, thats a hell of an honour because Riva had a phenominal season.

    I was pleasantly surprised to see Jedd make the receivers list- but I don't know if I agree with it, as he definately didn't produce like last season. I know Jedd definately wanted a few games back but I guess you could make the argument that the rock wasn't slung his way enough. Toronto's receiver Meerveld possibly could have deserved a spot, performing well on such a hapless offense.

    Maver outperforming the league in kicking as usual, however at times his critics have implied stat-padding. Great talent nonetheless.

    Grant MacDonald gets that last spot in the D-Tackle position. I was kinda shocked there- our pass rush this year was horrendous, I can't even lie to myself here, it was awful. It seemed Grant had a better season last year at the End position, and no doubt he is a strong force, but collectively I'm surprised that he made it coming from that D-line.

    Savoie claims that Defensive halfback position. No Contest- the guy is just an athletic beast. I love watching him play, just a dominant D-back.

    Olineman MATT Sewell's name is spelled as Mike. Went to high school with him- great kid.

  5. @JCzikk: No, I put the guys in alphabetical order at positions which have 2 players. The only thing it indicates is F precedes R. I'd hazard a guess Riva got more votes.

    Thanks for being polite about the correction.I cut-and-pasted from the first release I got and (checking the e-mail) it had Mike as Matt. Three other O-line all-stars are named Matt (Western's Norman's, Queen's O'Donnell and Windsor's Morencie) so it's possible that caused a slip-up. My apologies!

  6. Not a Maver fan, he gets lots of press but that doesn't justify all star status. He is a great punter but mediocre place-kicker.

  7. Maver was 13-of-14 on field goals for an OUA-best 92.9%. That probably got him the nod. He was near-automatic, although I don't know how many of those attempts were 40 yards or farther.

  8. Maver didn't miss from inside 40. Village from Queen's was 12-of-13 with a long of 47 and his only miss was a short one.

    Falvo from Ottawa was 17-of-22, which isn't overly strong.