Football: Brannagan's eyes, they give away nothing!

Defensive players are told to watch for where the quarterback is looking to get an idea of where he might throw the ball.

Laval defensive back Jonathan Laliberté told Le Soleil that it's pretty difficult on film with Queen's quarterback Dan Brannagan:
«La clé, avec lui, c'est qu'il est capable de regarder d'un côté et de lancer de l'autre. On ne peut donc pas se fier à ses yeux, mais plutôt au tracé qu'il court. Il va falloir que la ligne défensive exerce une bonne pression»

"The key, with him, is that he is able to look to one side and throw to the other. We cannot trust his eyes, but rather the route he runs. The defensive line will have to put good pressure (on him)." [Our translation]
You might remember that happened on Queen's first touchdown in the Yates Cup. Brannagan looked out to his right, made a pump fake and then threw deep left to Devan Sheahan for a 67-yard touchdown.

Laval is considerably more formidable than the Western secondary, with inside defenders Maxime Bérubé and Alex Surprenant (whose Babelfish name is "Surprising Alex,") and corners Samuel Lajoie and Olivier Turcotte-Létourneau. They should stay disciplined against Queen's, which stretches defences both horizontally and vertically.

Le défi Danny Brannagan (Kathleen Lavoie, Le Soleil)
Un dernier obstacle pour le Rouge et Or (Rémi Aboussouan,
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  1. Good translation guys, except for that little detail:

    When Laliberté says "Il va falloir que la ligne défensive exerce une bonne pression", it means "The defensive line will have to put good pressure (on Brannagan)" rather than "(Brannagan) will have to face a defensive line with good pressure."

    With "TheLiberty", "Surprising Alex", "TheJoy" and "TheStarling" in the secondary, we should be able to keep Brannagan honest.

  2. Thanks for the correction. Between Neate and I, we know about 1.1 languages...that last sentence was giving us trouble.

  3. Rob, you would account for about 1.09 of those languages. Sager can't even spell his name right! 'Neate' is not a name!