Vanier Cup: Fearless (but not peerless) predictions

Over the space of a couple hours, some of our bloggists made predictions on the Vanier Cup:
Andrew Bucholtz: Queen's 35-28
Jared Book: Calgary 34-27
John Bower, SSN Canada: Calgary 40-35
Evan Daum: Calgary 38-35
Greg Hughes: Queen's 31-20
David Kilfoil: Calgary 24-20
Justin McElroy: Calgary 38-32
Deux Fans from Allez Les Bleus: Queen's 24-20
Mark Masters: Queen's 30-24
Rob Pettapiece: Calgary 42-32
Mike Radoslav: Queen's 44-33
Neate Sager: Queen's 38-28
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  1. Interesting note: the aggregate prediction is Queen's 33, Calgary 32, which is two points closer than anyone's individual prediction.

  2. Sorry, I was late to the party ...

  3. So now the average (through the first 11 results) is slightly lower, at Queen's 32, Calgary 31.

  4. It's probably more like 32-30 after adding Hughes' 31-20 call for Queen's.

  5. Bob Stauffer-Oilers Radio Network

    Calgary 43
    Queen's 15

  6. 43-15 Calgary?
    Hey Bob...just to let you know...
    Unlike SMU, Queen's is a REAL football team!

  7. Matt Walter, even more so than Glavic will be the key to the Dinos offence Saturday.

  8. Anonymous: It is funny that Queen's (and OUA team for that matter) finally has success and you state SMU is not a real football team when they loose. SMU is one of the top programs in the CIS and all you have to do it look at the VC' they have won (more then the OUA combined in the last 10 years) not to mention all the AUS titles. Next season Queen's will be loosing the bulk of their team where a young SMU will be coming onto the field with pretty much the same team they have this year. Shame on your for taking a pot shot at SMU's young/rebuilding team!

  9. To the last post...
    I suppose it never occurred to you that I was being facetious, didn't you?
    I was being purposely provocative with that comment in order to
    get a rise out of somebody and lo and behold it worked
    Shame on me for taking a pot shot at SMU's "young" team?
    Oh boo-hoo.
    I hope I didn't hurt their little feelings.
    Really, I could not care less how young they are.
    Funny, but I don't think I heard the word "rebuilding" mentioned
    even once during the season when St. Mary's was winning.
    I thought SMU was great and invincible every least, that's what you AUS folk keep crowing.
    When it comes to pot shots, there seems to be a never ending stream of them
    directed at the OUA from you AUS supporters.
    Stuff like "Queen's and Western don't deserve their rankings" or "SMU is the only team capable of beating Laval".
    Even when Queen's slew the beast, they still can't get respect in some quarters.
    This Bob guy...from Edmonton, no less....predicted a rout for Calgary.
    And won more thing...."all those AUS titles"...give me break.
    Mount Allison?
    This is all that stands between SMU and a league title?
    No wonder St. Mary's cleans up every year.
    I'd take Western, Ottawa, Laurier and Mac over that lot any day of the week.
    Oh, and one thing, St. Mary's guy...
    You like to put down university football in the OUA?
    Well, consider this...
    Over thirty players on SMU's roster are from Ontario!
    Nuff said!

  10. Well thats exactly it. How good can OUA teams be when SMU takes all the best from Ontario. I don't think Branigan would start if he and Creighton were the same age and on the same team.

  11. What do you even to say to comments like that? That's not even relevant rhetorically. Dan Brannagan is 23 years old and Jack Creighton is 20.

  12. Take all of the imports from Ontario, the US and elsewhere off St. Mary's roster and what are you left with?
    Mount Allison.
    I mean really, AUS football is such a joke.

  13. clearly Anonymous 12:23 has never seen Brannagan play. Anyway, I hope Pettapiece, for his sake, is actually right this week, I don't get it, but for whatever reason, he just doesn't like this Queen's team very much. The key will again be Queen's rush defense against Calgary's (both Glavic and Walter). I think Glavic's mobility might affect Queen's pash rush a bit, but they'll still be in his grill for a lot of the day, just as they were against Laval's offensive line, which, surprisingly to me, had two first team all-Canadians, 5 days after getting completely dominated in Kingston. I'm going to fearlessly predict Queen's holds Walter under a hundred yards...I personally think it'll be well under that, but it depends how much he gets the ball. If that happens, Queen's 39, Calgary 30

  14. Re: Queen's losing its team next season - They only have 5 fifth year players this season, and conceivably 6 when you take into account Shomari Williams is more than likely playing CFL ball in 2010.

    Queen's 35 - Calgary 24

    More to follow tonight.

  15. It will be interesting to see how things change moving forward as schools like Queen's can now offer athletic scholarships. I have heard many suggest that schools like Laval and SMU have been pulling great players from Ontario for years because OUA schools lacked the ability to hand out cash. Someone please correct me if required.


  16. AUS people will always believe their conference is the greatest in the country, when in reality in many sports its a farce - football being one of them. It's pretty evident that the OUA was the best football conference this season (overall - not looking at just one or two teams in each conference). The AUS is a joke, the CW this season was pathetic aside from two teams that would have clobbered SMU (SK & CGY), and well the OUA was legitimate. Dinos by 7 in a great Vanier.

  17. Pretty evident?? Yeah Anonymous 7:42, and the whole world gravitates around Toronto too?

    In the Q, we had the greatest parity, every club had a chance to get into the playoffs on the last game of the season. There was no lame duck, no York, no U of T...

    In the whole year, we had 2 easy games, first one against McGill, and the other one against Acadia...

    The others 6 were harsh fights with imprevisible outcome... and we had a good team - we were #1 CIS for 2 weeks.

    See you next year when the Mitchell is going to be held at the CEPSUM :)

  18. I said this in the liveblog yesterday, but the median prediction, once you add up all the predictions in this thread was Queen's 32, Calgary 31. We were way off!