Football: Trevail call upheld by top ref

CFL senior adviser for officiating George Black says the Nick Trevail play in the Yates Cup was called correctly.

During a conversation at Sunday's CFL playoff game in Hamilton, Black (as related to us by Ted Michaels at CHML 900) said the official made the right call and the ball did not cross the goal line. The feet were in the end zone, the ball was not.

So that's that. Ultimately, awesome commenter Superfun Happy Slide nailed it in the comments, pointing out this just adds to the drama of a once-a-decade game.

It also adds to the eerie moments that have come in Richardson Stadium's south end zone in recent times. That's the end of the field where Queen's ...
  • ... was stopped on the one-yard line on the final play of the first half in its regular-season game vs. Western (they ultimately won 27-26, and yes, the winning drive was scored at the other end);
  • ... put a game-winning convert attempt go under the crossbar in overtime during the 2003 semifinal vs. Laurier. The Golden Hawks had scored moments earlier after they had a field goal blocked and the ball landed in the hands of kicker Byron Devlin, who alertedly threw a pass for a first down. (Laurier then won 36-33 on a Ryan Pyear TD pass on the second possession.)
  • ... hit the upright on a field-goal attempt in OT vs. McMaster earlier that season. (The Marauders won 30-27 and put Queen's into the tougher semifinal matchup.)
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  1. With all due respect to George Black, I sincerely doubt that an official from another organization would tread on the toes of those that manage the university game. Black may feel an affinity and an understanding of the difficulty of the snap-decision that the line judge authored on Saturday but he would certainly not state that the official in question erred. A negative opinion from someone in Black's position is not how officiating is managed while positive reinforcement and support is simply a professional courtesy. In short, the debate rages on.

    I have been called many things in my life but awesome has rarely been in the vernacular. I'll take that compliment and see you one. Sager, you and the other contributors do nice work on this blog and really contribute to the betterment of university sport in Canada. Congrats on a great season of coverage.

    Happy Slide

    PS. Yuck, I'm all "niced" out.

  2. Shocking! Shocking, I say. An official concurs that a fellow official got the controversial call correct.

    And this just in: Crew chief says ump got call correct.

    And in related news, cop says partner's use of forced was necessary.