Vanier Cup: TSN apologizes for missing part of game

TSN has issued a statement apologizing for the broadcast transmission problems which marred the early stages of Saturday's Vanier Cup.

Garth Woolsey wrote in the Toronto Star:
"TSN's coverage of the Vanier Cup Saturday was a mess, including transmission problems, technical glitches and missed plays by the announcers and cameramen."
Granted, in our capacity we only hear from the hardcore fans, but for the most part, it didn't sound like Canada's Sports Leader got many rave reviews for its treatment of the national university football final. Apparently, there were no pregame features or halftime analysis.

Some dot-orgers questioned if play-by-play man Rod Black was even at Stade PEPS. He was, for the record.
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  1. It was a fantastic game but I felt that both Rod Black and Duane Ford were favouring Queen's throughout the broadcast. When they would score they got excited yet when Calgary did anything it was just "bla"

  2. Rod Black is the worst play by play guy in ANY sport, just ask Raptor fans.
    Give me Rod Faulds or Jamie Campbell for god's sake.
    It was obvious from his call that half the time Black had no idea where the ball was spotted.
    I've seen better work done on local Rogers broadcasts.
    And Duane Forde?
    He may as well been Jock Climie...he couldn't be more of a cheerleader.
    It's too bad RDS wasn't doing the game instead of Radio-Canada.
    From what a friend of mine told me...and he's fluently bilingual....that RC crew were a joke.

  3. To be fair, TSN had bigger things to talk about...y'know, like their TWELVE-HOUR GREY CUP PREVIEW SHOW. What's the point in halftime analysis/a postgame show when you've got Henry Burris willing to talk about the Western Conference Final loss from last weekend? I hate TSN, by the way.

  4. CFRC has ALWAYS been FAR superior broadcasting football games. Have been listening to them for over 30 years, and it JUST DOESN'T GET ANY BETTER!!!

  5. TSN couldn't do much of a pre-game when they missed the first couple minutes of the actual game. And halftime was basically "feel better, Jock Climie" and then back to CFL coverage.

    I turned over to Radio-Canada after the TSN broadcast cut out (during the fake field goal attempt) and only went back right at the end to hear from coaches and players in English.

    To this viewer (not a hardcore fan, but an appreciator) it was very much like the TSN folk were obligated to show the Vanier and did not want to spend any more time than they had to on it.

  6. Also did you notice all those spelling errors in the graphics and tables they used? Not to mention the clear lack of knowledge of the season that was...

  7. all great points above and I totally agree. I was not cheering for either of these teams but it was clear that the announcers were clearly in support of Queen's and the excitement they showed when Queen's scored was very noticeable. I thought announcers were not to show bias?

  8. I was very disappointed with TSN's coverage. It's more like TSN were the amateurs here and not the football teams. It's as if they show no respect for the Vanier Cup. I lost count of all the errors including the transmission. Grey Cup is all they care about for this weekend. BTW CBC does a better show for the Grey Cup anyway.

  9. Anyone at the game will tell you the commentator and 98% of the crowd were cheering for Calgary. Anytime Queen's offence had the ball the commentator would play lets make some noise. It never happened when Calgary offence had the ball. It sounds like some of you missed alot of key plays from the game. It also would of been nice if they had made announcements not only in French but also in English.

  10. Did Queen's have French announcements at the Mitchell Bowl?

    The Laval fans did use their noisemakers when Queen's was on offence, and you could see Calgary players turn to the stands to gesture for noise. Guess what? That is democracy. Laval fans made a choice to back the Dinos, and that's fine.

  11. Laval is hosting the Vanier Cup!!!!!! Calgary and Kingston both - their first language is English. Kingston did announce in French and English at the Mitchell Bowl. Laval fans are sore looooossssseeeerrrrrrs! If Laval had won the Mitchell Bowl I personally would of been cheering for them. I would of wanted the winner of the Vanier Cup coming from the Mitchell Bowl.

  12. I'm sorry, but everyone who thinks Queen's was favoured by the announcers is forgetting the first half when they obviously favoured Calgary. It was Glavic this, Glavic that for the whole first half. I'm pretty sure whoever was winning is who they got excited over

  13. Queen's was VERY accomodating to the Laval fans, when it was their team at home, hosting a french team, the national anthem was in both languages, the announcements were in both languages. In a game where a neutral site was hosting a national championship between two english teams, the majority of the announcements, including the halftime "show" (which was pathetic by the way) were only in french? not acceptable. (to be clear, i'm not saying they shouldn't have been in french, rather that they should have been bilingual) All that being said, the Laval fans are fantastic football fans, I was nothing but impressed with them, despite the fact that a decided majority of them were cheering for Calgary.

  14. Announcements were made in english and french at the Vanier Cup including ball placement, down, player introductions, welcome back the Queen's Gaels/Calgary Dinos, do not go on the field, CIS sponsorship announcements.

    The english was a heck of a lot better than the french done at the Mitchell Bowl, which the pre-game ceremonies were handled by the CIS PR director because Queen's did not have anyone on hand who could handle the french part.

    As a bilingual anglo who lives in Quebec and travels Canada extensively, I tend to keep an eye on these types of things, and I'd suggest that Laval was pretty good with their level of bilingualism over the PA. And you know the staff spoke english to fans at the counters... not somethign you'd find very often in the OUA.

    The point i'm making is that some queen's fans are bitter that the fans cheered against them, but that's what happens - you go to a Grey Cup and if your team isn't there, you tend to cheer for another - Anytime I've been, I've cheered against the Argos (spoken like a true Ti-Cats fan).

    The half-time promotion was one that was run by Desjardins locally in Quebec City, not nationally.

    Half-time could have been better, but you probably would have gotten a french music group - sorta like at Grey Cup there was no french entertianment at half-time, whereas last year there was with Andrée Watters.

    I would say that the experience I had in Laval rivals anything I've experienced elsewhere in the CIS.