Linking the country ... Vanier headlines

  • Always OUA was very prescient before the game.

  • Hec Crighton Trophy-winning QB Erik Glavic is wearing it for Calgary after two interceptions and a lost fumble.
    "I take a lot of the blame for this loss. I don't really know. I don't think it was – I just have to play better and I didn't."
    (The Gauntlet)

  • Calgary coach Blake Nill's team had a great season, although it will take a while for that dawn on them.
    "It’s a real kick in the butt. We had control of the game and we knew going into the third quarter, it was going to be difficult. We just made mistakes in the third quarter and they ended up costing us the game."
    (Calgary Herald)

  • The Frank Tindall Trophy was decided prior to the Uteck Bowl, so it's kind of beside the point to say it's for the best Nill did not win. It's more of a bullet-dodge. (Halifax Chronicle-Herald)

  • Calgary defensive back Matt Grohn, linebacker Chase Moore, D-lineman Andrew Obrecht, linebacker Chase Moore and backup QB Deke Junior finished their eligibility. Moore had an inspired game for Calgary in the Vanier. (Calgary Herald)

  • The premiers' bet on the game: Alberta Premier Ed Stelmach has to send a case of Spolumbo's sausages to Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty. McGuinty's ante was some Prince Edward County wine (Eastern Ontario, appropriately).

  • Kind of a Debbie Downer headline: "Western settles for all-Canadians." (London Free Press)
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