Vanier Cup: Calgary-Queen's live blog, Saturday, 11:45 a.m. ET

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  1. What the hell happened to Calgary in the third quarter when they burned two just after the half started?
    Those lost TO's were crucial down the stretch.
    As dominant as Calgary was in the second quarter....and they had the Gaels on the run...that 18 point margin could have been a lot more.
    The Dinos settled for two FG's in the red zone and that was a turning point.
    It's a good thing Queen's O line is so great because although Brannagan
    has a great arm, he makes Dan Fouts look like Kordell Stewart.
    Slow as molasses in January and insists on taking a very short drop even while taking the ball under center.
    Queen's D made the difference...held the potent Dino offence to just 2 TD's with the wind and forced 5 turnovers, the last being the killer.

  2. Would have loved to stay, but work called me in for an emergency... too bad.

  3. Just returned from PEPS. After seeing my Mustangs win numerous Yates Cups I never quite timed my visits to Vanier over the last 30 years to coincide with wins(0-3 my record on the occasions I went- they did win other times). To see the Vanier won by a team you were cheering for(offspring of mine came up on one of the six or seven buses from Kingston) is totally awesome!

    It was with great pleasure to see the Gaels win today especially after such a terrible first half(with some officiating fortune going to Dinos- some of their players at the airport after the game indicating good luck with holding call on Jimmy Allin reverse for long yards called back).

    The Gaels tailgate area totally awesome-thanks guys. Queen's band and dancers parading through parking lot area was regal and had Rouge et Or attendees stop and marvel. Laval hosts totally awesome, hospitable and gracious in their hosting of the Vanier. Ticket nonsense will be cleared up for next year by one week from now I suspect.

    Full compliments to Queen's for coming back and defending so well in the second half and producing takeaways. Queen's put up major points in fourth quarter to essentially win this game and should have won by another 7 if not kneeling down deep in red zone to finish the game. Defense hit Glavic so hard in third quarter he seemed to be seeing stars.

    As an OUA fan I am proud. BTW kudos to Calgary for a game that could have gone either way. In fact this was a great show for the CIS. Way to go Laval. Will see you next year in Vanier possibly with another OUA team(or perhaps Dinos/Can West team or even AUS team).

  4. At half time, Matt Dunigan dismissively said the Golden Gaels were done. Hey Dunigan - WRONG!