Linking the country ... Cups runneth over

(Right, there's another championship football game this weekend.)

Vanier Cup

  • Queen's is using their fans' inability to score Vanier Cup tickets as motivation, as all-Canadian left tackle Matt O'Donnell told
    "We knew they were selling tickets to all their fans already .. Nothing against (Laval), but we don't appreciate being overlooked like that. As much as people thought that we were the underdog in that game, we thought we came in very confident and knew we were going to win."
  • Calgary right guard Reed Alexander says Laval fans "are all rooting for us." (Medicine Hat News)

  • Does anyone else feel this columnist was a wee bit personal in criticizing Calgary coach Blake Nill for last weekend?
    "What Blake Nill saw wasn’t his son acting like a jerk. He saw a young version of himself kicking an opponent when he was down; he saw his own in-your-face, raging bull of a temper busting free from years of uneasy containment.

    "He saw all his parenting efforts, or failure of them. Blake Nill looked at the face of his kid and saw the man in the mirror. He might have also seen his son’s pro dreams dissolve before his eyes."
    What's the line, life is absurd and no one really understands anybody. Knowing that will cause anyone to pull punches, and it will not factor into who wins CIS coach of the year. (Metro Calgary)
Grey Cup
  • Montreal Alouettes guard Scott Flory (U of S Huskies) repeated as the CFL's top lineman. No one has forgotten that he almost signed with the Saskatchewan Roughriders many moons ago. (CFL Buzz)

  • 'Riders slotback Jason Clermont (Regina Rams) has become the elder statesmen of Saskatchewan's receiving group, which will make some of us feel old. (Sporting Madness)

  • Winning the CFL's Top Canadian honour might give B.C. Lions rush end Ricky Foley (York) some leverage on the free-agent market. (Vancouver Sun)

  • Montreal Alouettes' Shea Emry (UBC) is 60 minutes from raising the Grey Cup as a CIS-trained middle linebacker. (CBC Sports)

  • Former McMaster star Jesse Lumsden and partner Pierre Lueders won a two-man bobsled race at a European Cup meet. Lumsden in the Olympics? (CTV Olympics)
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  1. Also of note:

    Le Journal de Quebec's front page shows a nearly deserted Vanier party zone along the Grande Allée. Headline: "Where are the fans?"

  2. I hope Lumsden makes the Olympics, since it seems clear he isn't durable enough to have a CFL career, which is an absolute shame.