Vanier Cup: Laval fans torn between party, loyalty

Laval fans will be able to support a team wearing rouge et or in Saturday's Vanier Cup, just not the Rouge et Or team.

No doubt it is a quandary for the great fans in Quebec City and the organizers, who had this sucker sold out in October partially on the presumption the Rouge et Or would advance to the big game. Le Soleil reported early Sunday that Queen's already requested 1,000 tickets, where only 200 had been set aside for a participating school. There are Kijiji ads, although many appear to be from would-be buyers, not sellers.

What's a Laval fan to do? If fans eat their tickets and don't show, people will wonder if they are great fans of CIS football or watching the Rouge et Or winning big. Look at this way: Leaders such as Gilles Lepine, Jacques Tanguay, Glen Constantin, et al., have created a program which has given Quebec City sports fans a ton of thrills over the past decade. A ton of work has gone into prepping for the Vanier. Support should not be withheld just because Constantin's team was outcoached and outplayed between the white lines.

Laval can't win the game, but it can win the party!

(Cue Rainier Wolfcastle: "Have you noticed that Calgary and Queen's each have red and gold in their uniforms? That's the joke.")

Coupe Vanier: trop peu de billets pour les fans des Gaels (Marie-Josée Nantel, Le Soleil)
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  1. I have a feeling more than 1000 Queen's supporters will show up.

  2. I like the idea of keeping the Vanier Cup in college stadiums as opposed to the multi-purpose, large centre venues. However, the hosting duties should not be awarded in boardroom. CIS sport would be better served by having the team with the better record serving as the host university. The intrinsic value of having a motivated and passionate home crowd far and away exceeds the value of preordained site build up. The predestined site model may work in the US, where there is no doubt that the fan base is aroused by the passions of their game, but Canada is not at the same stage and should be managed accourdingly.

  3. I totally agree with superfun...Problem is, very few stadiums in the CIS can hold as many as 15000 fans. The PEPS stadium can. By the way, as a Laval season ticket holder, I am totally heartbroken. As a football fan, I am still very happy that the Vanier Cup Finals will be held in QC City and I am pretty sure a lot of fans feel the same way. The only thing that's going to be different this time is we will not be cheering for our team. We will be cheering against another one. Gaels, get ready for a lot of noise and a VERY hostile crowd.

    Last comments about saturday's game:

    Laval's O-line failed to protect Groulx (that everyone knows)

    Laval's WRs and TEs missed A LOT of great chances

    The score should have been Laval:44 Queen's:33

    Pat P eager-for-revenge section 13 fan!

  4. Wow you Laval fans are something. Even after the game, we can't get an ounce of credit from some of you. There were drops on both sides of the ball and Laval got soundly beat in both trenches. How can you say the score "should" have favored Laval? I'm also willing to bet that there will be a mix amongst Laval's fans...wouldn't you rather have lost to the best? Either way, we'll have fans in much bigger numbers than Calgary so it ought to even out, and our boys just step up to adversity, like when they kept being told that one team was gonna come into their home field and work them over...

  5. to Golden Gael

    sorry for not giving your team the credit it deserves! I do think that the Gaels had a better game. What I am trying to say is that our boys did not capitalize on the many chances they had, especially in the 4th quarter. You see, I was almost convinced that they would be able to pull it off when they had possession with a minute to go. The rest is history.

    My prediction:Gaels are going to win and yes I think they are better than Calgary (We beat the crap out of them last year 50 something to 7)


  6. About tickets...There are lots of tickets available on sites like, and ebay. Most of them come in packs of 4 or 5. Some sellers want face value for them but most sellers sell their tickets for much more. You can expect to pay around 100$ and more for good seats.

    Queen's, you definately ruined our much anticipated party! :(

    One last thing...
    It is starting to smell like horseshit in QC. Oh, my mistake. I thought the stampeders were in town! LOL

  7. If you smell horseshit in the air in QC, that means the Quebec Legislature is sitting again....
    rim shot!