Football: Tristan Jones likely not returning to SMU

Via Metro Halifax comes word the Saint Mary's Huskies might be minus running back Tristan Jones, who had 471 yards (averaging a team-best 7.2) in the regular season.
"The all-star tailback tandem of Devon Jones and Craig Leger is also expected to return, but Devon’s brother, Tristan, could be on his way out after an injury-plagued season.

" 'He may be looking at some other life possibilities,' said Sumarah, who noted he isn’t a big fan of a three-man backfield committee. 'Tristan is a question mark right now.' "
The thrust of the article is on Saint Mary's needing to upgrade its offensive and defensive lines after giving up 400-plus rushing yards in the Uteck Bowl vs. Calgary. That said, having two brothers in the same backfield was/is neat, for lack of a better word.
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1 comment:

  1. SMU had a young team this season and out side of a handful of people they are not losing many players although Tristan Jones is a big loss. Maybe a good place to go if your a high school RB, OL, DL considering a great football program in a great city?