Football: Queen's fans urged to rock Richardson

Injured linebacker Thaine Carter has done his best to give Queen's and Kingston its version of Winfield-wants-noise. Ahead of Saturday's Yates Cup game vs. Western, last season's defensive player of the year (out after shoulder and knee surgeries) has penned an open letter to the Golden Gaels fanbase:
"We need everyone’s help to cheer us on to our first conference title since 1997.

"I want to see the crowd jammed into Richardson Stadium like never before; let’s break an attendance record!! Western needs to fear our 13th man!! The stands need to shake and we need to make the Mustangs feel your presence!!

"The 13th man makes all the difference. Queen’s University and the City of Kingston will be on the map in front of a national audience. Let’s make it memorable, let’s make it loud and let's send the Purple Ponies home with their tails between their legs."
Queen's fans are noted for being rather, uh, pensive during the game. Another zinger is that you know the Gaels have a good team when present-day students say they've heard the school has a football team, although no, they haven't been to any games this season.

Since the Toronto Blue Jays and Queen's each won in 1992, the reference fits.
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  1. Enjoy your version of the Vanier Cup before getting mauled by Laval. There are serious competitiveness issues in this one-team league....

  2. So you're giving Queen's a chance on Saturday? They'll take that.

  3. here, here (a purple pony conceding that the Gaels can beat the Stangs) oh my god!

    On any given sunday, as Montreal proved, and St. Mary before that, the beast can be beaten.

  4. To anon do realize that two years ago, Laval wasn't even in the Vanier Cup, thanks to St. Mary's.
    And prior to last year's game, Laval never won by more than 7 points in their previous VC wins.
    And Laval has to get by Montreal first, remember?

  5. The 'dog here has to be Western which has had a bit more adversity(mostly self imposed) this year. I think they like this role and will relish it more if they get ahead.

    If Queen's hasn't blown them out and up by 15-20 at the half then I like Western's chances. Western self imploded last year at the Homecoming game and again had the game this year with 1:16 or so to go. Western deserved to lose that game this year with the rest of the game in a deficit and a prevent defense at the end that calls into question defensive coaching strategies. That winning TD play no doubt was called from upstairs in the Queen's spotters/coaching box.

    The two advantages I have seen this year after watching several Queen's and Western games live, are that Queen's receivers run with the ball better after their reception and Queen's defense is more consistent with more error free(or low error) football.

    This all can change in one game so we shall see which team comes more prepared. Western is still smarting from losses to McMaster and Queen's with very permissive defending by Western. This seems to have changed in the last few playoff games- Western seems to get better as the season goes on although this took ages to come to pass this year.

    Got my tickets for Richardson and will be giddy with excitement. Twenty fifth anniversary of watching Blake Marshall surrender a fumble on the one yard line against Guelph at JW Little Stadium in London for that Yates. What people forget about that play is that Western could have called a timeout but didn't and play was rushed with seconds remaining in game. Congrats BTW to the Guelph Gryphon 25th anniversary Vanier winning team that met this year at their Homecoming.

  6. And Queen's defensive coordinator Pat Tracey was on that Guelph team, too, if you believe in omens.

    Another one: Holy Cross in Kingston finally won its first senior football championship in school history. Their coach? Tim Pendergast, from the 1992 Queen's Vanier Cup team.

  7. In 2007 SMU had Eric Glavic and their defence was great (Tim St.Pierre was a huge part when they destroyed Laval). This year Calgary has Glavic and all indications are SMU has a better defence then they have had in many years. To count either of these teams out is a mistake!

  8. I agree with anon 7:53. I think this is the year Calgary can do it. Especially if they meet Laval in the finals. The taste in their mouth from last years loss still lingers.

    The UWO vs Queen's game will come down to coaching. Few mistakes made by the Coaching staff will tip the scale.

    What a great season it has been across the country.

  9. Calgary-SMU or Saskatchewan-SMU would be equally great matchups in a Uteck Bowl, both too close to call. Those are 3 fine teams which can be pictured playing in a Vanier.

    I mentioned this in a commentary for SSN Canada which should be posted later tonight.

  10. You hit it right on the head sager! I think Calgary, Sask, Saint Mary's and Laval are all great teams and all have s shot at the VC. I agree with Anonymous above it has been a great season and for the first time in years a lot of balance in the CIS.

  11. Anons are for Laval... make sense...

    We'll see....

  12. Yellow Fever11/13/2009 8:20 am

    Wow! No StFX support here? With the Jones brothers out for SMU it could be another interesting game to watch this weekend.

  13. Wasn't this post initially about Queen's? Are we required to talk about all 27 teams in every post? Some people seem to confuse covering with one team with only talking about one team.

  14. Well said Sager. While I enjoy OUA football and going to Queen's/Western game, I wish there was more games broadcast from other conferences especially at playoff time. Previous years it has been better in this regard.