There is a format change for the football top 10 this season. Voters are now being asked to slot 15 of the 27 teams, so one can just imagine that Canadian Football Twitter will have some bun fights extraordinaire about those Nos. 8, 9 and 10 spots come about Week 6 of the regular season. The tabulated votes are weighted with the Elo Rating System that the national office has embraced for most of its team sports.

Official Top 10 before the jump, my ballot below. Here's the official one
How each team's ranking broke down along media-vote and ELO lines is easy enough to find. Laval, Western, Saskatchewan and Ottawa's tallies were 50/50. Montréal's and McMaster's were like 48/52.

Calgary and UBC did better with the human voters, while Carleton and St. Francis Xavier were elevated by ELO.

As an 11-year voter, I treat it as a cascading series of snap decisions, especially early in the season, and try to eyeball it with recent conference strength.

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