Football: Saskatchewan leaves it all on the field

For the benefit of Central Canada, please watch the Global Sports recap of Calgary's 39-38 win over Saskatchewan in the Canada West final (via HFO).

It stands on its own for dramatics, from Erik Glavic escaping tacklers, to the error on the goal line the Huskies made in the third quarter which helped give Calgary (down 29-22 instead of 33-22) more of a window to make its comeback, and the blocked field goal on the final play.

A commenter at Jeff Pearlman's site last night left a comment about the, ESPN/talk radio-ization of sports, where every good matchup (Kobe Bryant/LeBron James, Peyton Manning/Tom Brady) has to become a 'who’s better?' argument."

A 39-38 or 43-39 game doesn't make it clear who's better. It suggests Calgary and Queen's might have been slightly better and/or more blessed on a particular day. Seeing the post-game comments from graduating Saskatchewan linebacker Taylor Wallace, it's hard to say the Huskies have any reason to hang their heads: "It's been a long road with the Huskies but it's been a good one. You know, I know I have a biased opinion but I think this is the greatest football program in Canada. We got 85 brothers in that room and the greatest coaching staff."
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  1. Great game! I believe that Calgary has the best Offence in the CIS and that Saint Mary's has the best Defence so I expect this to be another great game! Slight edge to SMU because they are at home.