Linking the country ...

  • Laval has some injuries to heal up before Saturday's Mitchell Bowl at Queen's, including ones to key O-lineman David Bouchard. (Le Soleil)

  • Laval coach Glen Constantin gets the QUFL's coach-of-the-year award. (The Canadian Press)

  • Simon Fraser has planned a celebration of Bernd Dittrich's life for Nov. 23. (Little Man on Campus)

  • B.C. Lions defensive end Ricky Foley (York) was CFL defensive player of the week.

  • Western is also likely to lose key contributors such as WR Jesse Bellamy, DB Cory Watson, SB Mike Hegarty and DLs Chris Greaves and Gresham Bayley, but the future is bright. (Look out for QB Jason Schuler). (London Free Press)

  • Everyone in Kingston is swept up in Gaels fever. (Kingston Whig-Standard)

  • Former Acadia slotback James Price is now a championship-winning coach, having guided the Aylmer, Que.-based D'Arcy McGee Gee-Gees to the Juvenile AA Division 2 championship on the weekend.

    True story: D'Arcy McGee's opponent in the final has the same colours, so they borrowed a set of white tops from Ottawa U as a backup. (Le Droit)

  • FOTB Arden Zwelling had a pretty good piece on the Western-Queen's game. One wonders if Justin Dunk will buy a reprint of that photo of Mustangs linebacker John Surla with his head in his hands. (Western Gazette)

  • The trivia question this week was a toughie: "When was the last time the Queen's Gaels won a (football) conference championship?" Do you answer, "1997" (when Ottawa vacated the Dunsmore), "1992" (when Queen's won it on the field) or "trick question, because there is no football team called Queen's Gaels?"

    In other words, well-designed question!
  • Who is the only person with a Canadian championship ring from all 3 of UNB's University Cup-winning teams? Why, athletic therapist Joe Glenn, of course. It's a size-15 ring, too. (Fredericton Daily Gleaner)
  • Windsor forward Jessica Clemençon is having as much impact as you would expect from a member of the French junior women's national team. (Windsor Star)
Thanks so much to Pension Plan Puppets for the nice mention.
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  1. Funny how the fat piece of shit Queens lover Saeger doesn't mention the lead of the Free Press article, which was about how "the film showed Trevail should have been awarded a touchdown"!!!

    The OUA needs to investigate and say that the call was blown and apologize too Western for the gaff. It was a great game and there was a lot of other things which could have changed the result, but is Queens benefitted from BAD officiating and the writers of this blog, especially Saager, are trying to ignor e that it happened.

  2. Wow, I thought we were taking football too emotionally in the Q - but we never got the FPoS - at least out loud... another thing to aim for then...

    Good call for your last week Constantin's "Coach of the year" ... you should have just let it there... ;)

  3. Hey anon 2:47

    Apart from the fact you are an idiot for writing what you did. You appear to be brave too for putting your name to your post. (oh wait a minute - you didn't. what a yellow belly)

    My team is Waterloo but I'm sure glad this blog exists to share information and grateful for those that donate their time keeping it current.

    Go clean out the stables you cry baby.

  4. Thanks, guys; I don't mind the anon. comments — and I could stand to drop a few pounds.

  5. Interesting the Lancers are still rolling despite some losses - has there ever been an explanation as to what happened to Roc? I think the Windsor Star dropped the ball on this one. How do you not report on the circumstances surrounding how the best player in the OUA, who had eligibility left, is not with the team this year?

  6. If a player is not with a team, she should call up the journalist with 24 years experience and tell him why.

    The Guelph Mercury