MUBL Week 2 Results

It's another week with close games, except a 6-2 result, which might have been the closest of them all.

The Big Men on Campuses did not get a single block among them, but shot 60% from the field and scored 22 points per 40 minutes to help their owner tie his fellow SSN play-by-play commentator at 4 wins apiece. The two of us with Laval players (who ended up not playing) cancelled out each other's low counting stats and finished nearly even. And in the only definitive win, one editor knocked off another, with Neate Sager taking 6 of 8 categories, coming short on steals and free-throw percentage. However, Andrew Bucholtz only lost blocks by a score of 11-10, assists by 27-24, and field-goal percentage by 42% to 40%, so it could very well have been another 4-4 game.

All told, only three wins separate first from last, as the first two of 11 weeks of this league haven't seen anyone pull away from the rest of the pack.

Week 2 results (full statistics on the Week 2 sheet here):
Pettapiece 4-3 Lund (with one tie)
Layson 4-4 Masters
Bucholtz 2-6 Sager

Standings through Week 2 (W-L-T)
1. Pettapiece 9-6-1
2. Sager 9-7-0
3. Masters 8-8-0
t-4. Lund 7-8-1
t-4. Layson 7-8-1
6. Bucholtz 6-9-1

Looking ahead: in the No. 1 vs. No. 3 matchup, two players are getting their first MUBL action of the year: a rookie with Brock and a fifth-year senior with SFU. And, starting tonight, two UBC ballers will be on opposite sides of the match-up between two Queen'speople; Brent Malish and Josh Whyte will each try to get their owners above the .500 mark. (And, of course, try to win the real games too.)
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