Vanier Cup: Radio coverage

There are two Vanier Cup radio broadcasts: AM1060 will stream a broadcast going back to Calgary (which is also available over the air on student station CJSW).

CFRC 101.9 will carry it in Kingston and over the web.
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  1. Do you know what radio station in Quebec City will cover the game?


  2. G.A.Y. Radio 69

    -Maurice Del Taco

  3. What a mess TSN made of their coverage! We couldn't believe that total lack of respect that coverage showed for CIS football. No pregame, then we had to connect our computer to the stereo to hear the first quarter since TSN couldn't get a consistent signal out of Laval. At the half, they cut to a CFL walkthrough and provided no first half summaries or comments of the Vanoier Cup. It was the worst football coverasge we have witnissed. While we haven't appreciated the Score coverage on certain games, they at least tried! This was a total lack of effort.