(First and foremost, read Claude Scilley's obituary piece on Doug Hargreaves. It was a mic drop; it's almost foolish to think there is a need for another piece.)

Well before terms such as team culture got buzz-phrased to death, Doug Hargreaves was nurturing it at Queen's every day, being the mindful keeper of that gold, blue and red flame that burns on fall Saturdays in Kingston and in the hearts of Gaels the world over.

Flowery, I know. It seems to be about the only way to lead off a personal post regarding the iconic Queen's football coach, who died at age 84 on Tuesday. It seems slightly more novel to talk about the lasting influence of Hargreaves and  his best Queen's teams. The people who truly knew him have the anecdotes and aphorisms, and Google can fill you in on his accomplishments.

There was nothing idealistic or intellectual about latching on to the Gaels during my adolescent/early teenage life phase, which is when people begin locking in their influences and tastes. I needed to identify with something positive and successful. In those years, 1988 through '92, Hargreaves' second Vanier Cup-winning season, the Gaels were winning a lot, competing in the Dunsmore Cup game every season.

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