Football: Dinos dominate CW all-star picks

No surprise: Calgary's offence accounted for 3-of-4 unanimous selections to the Canada West football all-stars (* as denoted):
  • Quarterback — *Erik Glavic, Calgary
  • Running back — *Matt Walter, Calgary; Dave Boyd, UBC
  • Wide Receiver — *Nathan Coehoorn, Calgary; Victor Marshall, Simon Fraser
  • Inside Receiver — Anthony Parker, Calgary; Jordan Sisco, Regina
  • Tackle — Kirby Fabien, Calgary; Patrick Neufeld, Saskatchewan
  • Guard — Terriss Paliwoda, Alberta; Hubert Buydens, Saskatchewan
  • Centre — Alex Krausnick-Groh, Calgary
  • Interior lineman — Eddie Steele, Manitoba; Bjorn Person, Regina
  • End — Craig Gerbrandt, Alberta and Everton Black, Manitoba
  • Linebacker — Andrea Bonaventura, Calgary; Chris Folk, Simon Fraser; Taylor Wallace, Saskatchewan
  • Cornerback — Sam Carino, UBC; Grant Shaw, Saskatchewan
  • Halfback — Pete Adams, Manitoba; Nigel Palma, Simon Fraser
  • Safety — Anthony DesLauriers, Simon Fraser
Special teams
  • Kick returner — Jeremy Botelho, Manitoba
  • Placekicker — Perri Scarcelli, Regina
  • Punter — *Hugh O’Neill, Alberta
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  1. Why not just save yourself the trouble and list only the Dino's named as conference all stars. They're the only team west of Ontario that you seem interested in promoting.

  2. We don't "promote" any team, thank you.

  3. Because that title of this article isn't promoting Calgary at all.

  4. Because we said the team with most all-star picks dominated, which is hard fact? Please.