Linking the country: Rouge et Or contend with illness; rumblings from UPEI

  • Laval has a flu bug making its way through the ranks ahead of Saturday's Mitchell Bowl at Queen's; mainstays such as receivers Julian Féoli and Bruno Prud’homme and defensive backs Dominique Noël and Alex Surprenant did not practise Tuesday.

    Laval is Laval, though. They have a lot of players waiting in the wings. (Le Journal du Québec)

  • Mike Morreale will join Rod Smith on TSN's Mitchell Bowl announcing team. The Rod Black-Duane Forde team is on the Uteck. (

  • Is there a Uteck Bowl storyline that doesn't revolve the hostile reception Calgary coach Blake Nill and QB Erik Glavic are expecting on Saturday in Halifax? (Uh, no, don't be daft, Sags.) (Calgary Sun, Calgary Herald, The Globe and Mail)

  • Huskies Football Outsider is taking a long-range look at scheduling, noting the now six-team Canada West might restore the Thanksgiving weekend bye the QUFL uses (and which Can West used when it was a six-team league from 1999-2001).

    Also of note in HFO's post is some talk about UBC Okanagan (which would have to first be admitted to Canada West) and Thompson Rivers expressing some interest in football.

  • A couple of lacrosse enthusiasts were in thrall after the Yates Cup:
    "there was no gloating or trash talk among the athletes. They gathered together to salute each other with handshakes and embraces. Opponents who, moments ago, were trying to exert physical and emotional control and mastery over the other, recognized each other as brothers who had participated in something special. Queen's players and coaches rejoiced and danced on the field: Western players quietly exited the field, their heads held high, beaten that day, but not really defeated."
    (Lacrosse World)

  • Former Queen's QB Tim Pendergast has guided his Kingston Holy Cross Crusaders to the National Capital Bowl semifinal vs. the Ottawa St. Peter Knights.

    An associate who was at Holy Cross' game Tuesday said the Crusaders were the crispest high school team he'd seen all season (and this is someone who sees a lot of amateur football). (Kingston Whig-Standard)
  • It seems like more can be inferred about Dylan Taylor's resignation at UPEI from the comments than the actual Charlottetown Guardian story.

    There's an old saying: No coach ever really resigns.

  • It wasn't all bad tidings in UPEI-land, since alum Joel Ward got a goal in a Nashville Predators win over San Jose.

  • Dr. Gary Kachanoski, the incoming president at Memorial, played hockey at Saskatchewan once upon a time. (St. John's Telegram)
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  1. Laval is not the only team who has be affected by the flu this season. Acadia has been hammered all season long and at times were lucky to put a team on the field, Saint Mary's has been using backup players for a good part of the season due to players being out sick with the flu (speaks highly of that teams depth) and Ottawa too had it in their playoff game with MacMaster.

  2. I think there is a typo as I see Rod Smith doing the game not Black.

    "The action gets underway at 1 p.m. ET on TSN with Rod Smith handling play-by-play duties alongside analyst Mike Morreale."

  3. Thank you. You'd think I would have that straight at this point.

  4. I'm just glad it's not Rob Faulds doing any of the bowl games. And that is what I think about that.

  5. Whah!

    Faulds is a good studio host on the radio. I honestly have little recollection of him on Jays games; perhaps it's the pain of what happened with John Cerutti.

    It shouldn't chance your opinion of his braodcasting chops, but the fact Faulds called a game that day (Oct. 3, 2004) tells you that's a good man.

  6. There's some team in the Q (allegedly Laval) who wants to scrap the Thanksgiving bye to go for a 9 games schedule...

  7. the fact Faulds called a game that day (Oct. 3, 2004) tells you that's a good man

    Oh, no doubt, full respect for that (and I still remember that broadcast). It was more a joke about "Rod, Rod, and Rob."

  8. I was thinking more that he had the same last name as Western's QB.

  9. "Is there a Uteck Bowl storyline that doesn't revolve the hostile reception Calgary coach Blake Nill and QB Erik Glavic are expecting on Saturday in Halifax?"

    well at least they are talking about this game (sort of). The Mitchell bowl is invisible in the media (outside of Quebec city), a large part of this du to Trevail's "touchdown". Let's move on people, there is a game coming up.

  10. Hey, if we could get more people interested from Monday-Thursday, we would.