Football: Coaches' press conference; and a semi-rant about media coverage

Queen's coach Pat Sheahan and defensive end Shomari Williams as well as Calgary coach Blake Nill and spoke to media in Quebec City on Wednesday. (Dinos running back Matt Walter was there but does not speak on the clip below.)

Some denizens of the dot-org have wondered if the national media (that means TSN and Toronto-based outlets) could be doing more to promote the game. There was no mention of the Vanier Cup on the 6:30 p.m. ET Sportscentre just 72 hours before the game (of course, there were multiple stories on the Grey Cup and an ad-presented-as-news about the Olympic Torch Relay). TSN's promos have been in steady rotation, but the five-second promo they show only says, "Desjardins Vanier Cup, Saturday," without even mentioning the participating teams.

It is not just TSN. The Calgary Sun has five columnists writing Grey Cup stories and nothing budgeted on the Dinos (the neighbouring Herald did have an early look).

A Google News search also reveals scarcely little coverage, although The Globe & Mail had a feature from a freelancer on Queen's defensive halfback Ben D'Andrea, whose father Jim D'Andrea was co-captain and a star d-back on the 1978 Vanier-winning Golden Gaels. also has very little, unless you count some typing by Alex J. Walling, which I don't.

The Kingston Whig-Standard, which has been going at it both barrels, already has sports editor Mike Koreen in Quebec City. However, Queen's has a ton of alumni and current students who read sports stories originating from the GTA (which is where most of the Gaels roster comes from, along with a few Calgary Dinos such as QB Erik Glavic), so hopefully there'll be more pub over the next few news cycles.

One is to say it would be nice to see more. The other is that we are living through a media revolution. and this is what you may expect for niche and second-tier sports products. It's also a two-way street with what the leagues do to put themselves out there for media outlets. (On the count, CIS has its act together, and Queen's SID Michael Grobe is blogging all week long.)
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  1. Solution? (Should be obvious.)

    Don't have the goddamned Vanier on Grey Cup weekend!

    Or if you do, have it in the same city as the Grey Cup.

    The lack of media exposure falls squarely on the backwards-ass CIS.

  2. Here, I am in Calgary.

    The Vanier Cup and the Grey Cup can not be on the same weekend unless they are part of the same week of events in the same city.

    The CFL and CIS need to have a summit meeting to discuss scheduling, player development and cross promotion. I not sure if there has ever been a focused effort in this regard from either side.

    Do they want to promote the game or just themselves? They're weaker sitting apart from another.

    The national media, in their ever dwindling numbers, have gathered here in Cowtown. If the reporters are here, then the Vanier should team up with the Grey Cup every two-to-three years, especially where there is a viable alternate stadium site.

    Teamwork, people. Just pick up the phone.

    -Jim Mullin
    Chairperson, University Football Reporters of Canada.

  3. To make matters worse for the Vanier, the game will be on at 10 a.m. in Calgary.

    My Grey Cup crew, most of whom are also CIS fans, all agree we'll be lucky if we get to the bar in time to watch the second half. Let's face it, us CIS fans in Calgary for the Grey Cup aren't going to be in any shape to be anywhere in time for the Vanier Cup opening kickoff. I think we're not alone.

    CIS dropped the ball on this one.

  4. I've been told, although I cannot confirm this, that the Calgary Grey Cup organizing committee said "no" to the Vanier Cup. Any truth in this?

    Anyway, I'm in Calgary too; I'm also a Queen's alum, and on Saturday morning a bunch of us are getting together for a little pancake keggar. Cannot wait.

  5. Mike Hogan on the FAN 590 in Toronto(the Bullpen) this past Monday spoke about his experience at the Mitchell Bowl which he attended with his friends. He took several calls from fans like me and even spoke to Rod Smith in the second hour of his program. The bonus prize for 100 bucks was given to the first person calling in to name the combatant teams in this week's Vanier. Hogie accurately predicted before the game that Jimmy Allin was due for a big game and I'm glad Glen Constantin was not listening prior to Mitchell Bowl.

    The Globe and Mail had one of the only proper print articles of the Mitchell Bowl and one since then this week. I believe Robert MacLeod was the author on both occasions.

    As I type this post watching with one eye the Leafs/Tampa Bay hockey game, a TSN commercial came on minutes ago advertising the Vanier Cup.

    BTW, the airline fares out of Toronto at least yesterday doing flights to Quebec City(and back the next day) on Vanier Cup day were exceptionally good. Some of us OUA fans will make the trek in many ways to watch hopefully our OUA/Yates Cup team make a statement.

  6. Yes, they ran a commercial but did it mention the teams? No.

    I am a big fan of Mike Hogan (Kingston represent!) and just wish there were more people like him.

  7. Posted 11:05 Wednesday.Flight info from Toronto: 28/11/09- YYZ(Toronto) 9:15 dep- 10:36 arrive YQB Quebec City- Air Canada- $84 plus departure garbage costs(AC 8912).

    Returning 28/11/09- Westjet -Quebec City 18:35 dep- 20:13 arrive YYZ - $84 again plus departure costs(Westjet flight # 123).

    Lots of equally somewhat inexpensive flights before and after these times if you leave day before Vanier or depart one day after although Air Canada has less availabilty leaving QC on Sunday after Vanier.

    Train from Toronto double the price at present and fairly long journey. Prices of flights will change in next 12- 24 hours for sure

  8. Sager, you're semi-ranting about the lack of media coverage?!!

    Why are you not ranting about the idiocy of the CIS, specifically the decision to schedule this game on Grey Cup weekend?

    Said decision makes the United Football League (you know, the league that plays during the NFL season and goes head-to-head with NCAA football and the MLB playoffs?) look sensible by comparison.

    Playing the Vanier the week after the Grey Cup or on the Friday before the Grey Cup in the same city (my fave) makes so much sense this is likely why the CIS isn't doing it.

    Your ire is misplaced.

  9. Dude, we talked about the Vanier being the same weekend as the Grey Cup last year when it was announced. It's in the archives.