Football: The Carleton Rouge & Noir? More on the Ravens-Laval

The University Affairs profile of Laval — centring on coach Glen Constantin and Vanier Cup committee chairman Gilles Lépine — is well-written enough to rate being broken out as a post. It's a good read on the roots of the dynasty. It also has more about how Carleton's intentions:
"That’s why Jennifer Brenning paid a visit to Quebec City earlier this year. As athletics director at Carleton University, which is planning to revive its Ravens football team, she came to see and hear about Laval’s program firsthand. 'We wanted to learn from the best,' says Ms. Brenning, one of many athletic officials from Canadian universities who have visited or called Mr. Lépine and Mr. Constantin in recent months.

" 'Gilles and Glen were very forthcoming and willing to share their marketing methods and corporative model,' says Ms. Brenning.' I didn’t see anything that I would not be comfortable with seeing implemented (at Carleton).' "
At the least, it's an interesting wrinkle. People have said it is just a matter of time before someone tries to duplicate the Laval model in Ontario.

Laval’s field of dreams; The university has built a powerhouse football program that is the envy of interuniversity sport throughout Canada. Here’s how (Mark Cardwell, University Affairs)
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  1. Let the debate begin about what university athletics in Canada are supposed to mean. Clearly, the OUA and its partner institutions are hesitant in opening the doors to the scholarship-boogieman. I’m not sure how the OUA could allow one of its participants to adopt the Laval Model unless there are already moves afoot that are leading in that direction.

    The Score inadvertently lightly touched on the scholarship issue during last years Vanier Cup coverage. Ottawa’s Denis Piche corrected the Bison’s head coach as to the competitive slope of the current playing field, to which the UManitoba coach professed or faked ignorance. I love spontaneous awkward moments.

    That said, I love Carlton. When I decided to head to university their registrar was the friendliest and most accommodating I encountered. Imagine, being able to speak to real people on the phone.

  2. That ship has already sailed in the OUA. It's called Lakehead Hockey.

  3. The biggest thing is putting butts in the seats. This is done at Lakehead, Nipissing and Laval. Not so sure this can be done at Carleton. Taken knowing they will be competing with a CFL team, The Gee-Gees and the history of past Carleton teams.