Vanier Cup: Bathrooms at a football game; there's always a lineman

Making a joke about "looking out for No. 1" would be so, so obvious.

The Globe & Mail's Robert MacLeod and Jake Edmiston of The Queen's Journal caught one detail from the Vanier Cup that might not have made it into a lot of game stories. From MacLeod's piece:
"... in the fourth quarter of a taut Vanier Cup national championship game against the Calgary Dinos ... Matt O'Donnell, Queen's massive offensive tackle, lumbered over with some disheartening news.

" 'He says he has to go to the bathroom,' Sheahan cackled with delight after all was said and done on Saturday afternoon, one of his big paws cradling a bottle of beer.

" 'Can you imagine?' Sheahan continued. 'This game had everything, that's all I can tell ya.'

" ... As the locker rooms (at Stade PEPS) are some distance from the playing field, O'Donnell's only choice was to try to use one of the portable restroom units set up for the fans located behind the main grandstand. At that time the lineup was about eight deep in front of each unit and O'Donnell – even though he weighs 310 pounds – was loath to butt in.

" 'Out loud I said, "Can anyone help me out right now? I really have to go to the washroom," ' O'Donnell recalled rather sheepishly. 'This one very nice man let me in.'

"Once inside the stall, O'Donnell said several fans – he's assuming they were Calgary supporters – started shaking the unit from side to side as he was trying to go. Family members chased the pranksters away and he returned to the playing field to participate in yet another Queen's grand finale."
Historic comeback caps Vanier Cup win (Jake Edmiston, The Queen's Journal)
Queen's comeback at Cup; Veteran coach, quarterback put together greatest second-half comeback in Vanier Cup history (Robert MacLeod, The Globe & Mail)
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  1. Since we're in the personal problems: (talking about the toilet problems of O'Donnell) Can you tell us Neate, WHEN did you sleep this week-end???

  2. At a Sask Huskies home game last year (I think it was against UBC) one of the visiting players had to pee so badly that he went behind the boom truck that is always parked by the South-East corner of the field. The fans gave him a pretty hard time after that one.

    Lots of comments like "Hope you washed your hands" and stuff. He was having a laugh about it too - at one point he gave us a wave.

  3. Deux Fans,

    About a hour's sleep Friday night, about a hour on each leg of the ride back to Ottawa, and I got down about 6 a.m. Sunday morning ... slept till 2:30 p.m.!