Football: St. FX alum McCullough plays through loss of young son

Words such as "courage" and "fearless" are used rather loosely in sports. It applies when you read about what Saskatchewan Roughriders linebacker Mike McCullough and his spouse, Laura, have dealt across the past year:
"Two years ago the Roughriders were on the verge of winning the 2007 Grey Cup and McCullough's wife, Laura, was about to give birth to their second son, Joe. Cole, their first-born, was two years older and battling the effects of seizures and a type of muscular dystrophy, Duchenne's, that was expected to make him wheelchair-bound before his early teens.

"Cole was three when he died in February at the family's Regina home."
McCullough acknowledges this is something from which you never fully recover.
"No parent should outlive a child. It's different if you lose a parent or someone older. Even if it's unexpected, it's still the natural order. This isn't the natural order of things and it's not the way the script is supposed to be written. You try to deal with it, but till the day I die, I'm sure it's not going to heal."
Grey Cup festivities 'tainted' for Rider (Darrell Davis,
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