Vanier Cup: Post-game interviews with Gaels' Tracey, Ukwuoma, Williams and Valberg

Some post-game reaction from Queen's coaches and players. If the camera quality is a little shaky, it was the energy drinks.

Defensive coordinator Pat Tracey (you might have to move your ear a little closer to the speaker; the wind was wreaking havoc with the audio):

Defensive end Shomari Williams:

Defensive end Osie Ukwuoma (this 2006 post probably gives context to the "McMaster game" the interviewer mentions):

Receiver Scott Valberg (one of the three grads of Kingston-area high schools who scored Queen's touchdowns on Saturday):

Mike Boone, co-captain of the previous Queen's Vanier Cup team in 1992:

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1 comment:

  1. EXCELLENT reporting sir....THIS is the kind of coverage (from ALL schools and from ALL sports)that we NEED to be able to establish a fan following IN OUR OWN COUNTRY!!! CRTC should be MANDATING ALL our sports channels to cover amateur and university/college sports IN OUR OWN COUNTRY!!! TSN ESPECIALLY (being THE most profitable cable station in NORTH AMERICA %-wise!!!) should be FORCED to cover OUR OWN COUNTRY!!! Sorry about the rant, but I have been putting up with NON-COVERAGE for 40 years, and ESPECIALLY this year's university football playoffs (TOTAL excitement!!!) shows what a FAIL the situation is for the Canadian media, public and government!!!!!
    THANKS again for ALL your efforts...KEEP ON CHOOGLIN"!!!