Linking the country ... Goveia fallout, Nixon's mojo

  • UBC athletic directer Bob Philip's first quote in the Vancouver Sun story about football coach Ted Goveia's firing begins, "We’re a university that has been successful in other sports." Some of you knew that was coming.

  • Former T-Birds QB Shawn Olson could be the front-runner for the coaching job, which require "be(ing) adaptable to the four-down game should UBC follow Simon Fraser into the ranks of NCAA Div. 2." (Little Man on Campus)

  • McGill QB Jonathan Collin over Montréal running back Rotrand Sené as the QUFL rookie of the year? Really, I mean, really?

    Laval's Benoît Groulx (Hec Crighton), Concordia LB Cory Greenwood (Presidents' Trophy) and McGill receiver Charles-Antoine Sinotte are the other national award nominees. (Allez Les Bleus, which has further links to the Q awards)

  • Saskatchewan's Laurence Nixon doesn't have the hype of his Hardy Cup counterpart, Calgary's Erik Glavic, but he's been getting the job done all season. (Huskies Football Outsider)

  • Is the AUS ever going to decide on Saint Mary's appeal of Devon Jones' suspension? Without getting into the merits of the punishment, it's getting a little late with Saint Mary's playing in another five days.
  • Former U of S Huskies hoops and soccer star Jacqueline Lavallee will be an Olympic torch bearer. (Saskatoon Star-Phoenix)
  • Tara O'Reilly on the Carleton women's team is a sibling of NHLers Cal and Ryan O'Reilly, in case you didn't know. (Ottawa Citizen)
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  1. He's at McGill and he's a QB, and he's white. He's got all that over Sene, even though Rotrand was by far the better player

  2. This has nothing to do with him being McGill's white QB. It has to do with Rotrand playing at université de Montréal.

  3. I'm sorry but why does Rotrand playing for UMontreal got to do with it?
    I don't understand your argument.

  4. Deborah Bremner11/10/2009 7:42 pm

    Excuse me but that first remark is very disturbing to me I am Jonathan's mother and read alot of what is written on the internet, everyone is entitled to their opinion..a little class please and some respect.Critisism is one thing but that is just an out and out racist remark. Do you know about football? Because if you did perhaps you would be quoting stats or commenting on performance.Plus not even signing your name in my books makes you also a coward.
    someones mother
    (you have one too)

  5. Ms. Bremner,

    Thanks for the comment. I let the comment stand since well, people are entitled to an opinion. We prefer a name be put to it and it be civil. We do also have a lot of users who prefer anonymity and make excellent contributions; we don't want to put roadblocks before them.