B.C. schools continue push for 'flexible scholarship model'

A lot would have to happen in terms of scaring up the capital to have full-ride athletic scholarships in Canada. Anyway, it's out there:
"CIS is exploring what (UVic AD Clint) Hamilton calls 'a flexible scholarship model.' This model would remove the per-student cap, which would allow Canadian universities to give free-rides for key players. It would still limit the total amount of money available per sport.

"For example, a basketball program could have a scholarship budget of $30,000 under the proposed model, and they would have to determine how many full-ride scholarships were offered out of that pot. Currently, universities can only offer athletic scholarships which fund tuition and mandatory fees.

"UBC has been one of the key players in initiating the review and have long considered making the jump into NCAA membership because it would give the school more financial flexibility. The university gave out over $500,000 in athletic scholarships this year, but have argued that they are unable to keep the best local athletes in Canada due to scholarship restrictions."
It also sounds like "rethink(ing) scholarship eligibility rules as well," which would be the big game-changer, is a non-starter. That would just be, well, too American.
"UBC’s Athletic Director Bob Philip said flexibility isn’t enough.

" ... 'We think they should adopt the NCAA rule and the NCAA rule says if you are eligible to play sports, you are eligible to receive an athletic award,' Philip said.

" ...Hamilton said any proposals to change the eligibility rules would doom any other changes to failure when the CIS membership votes on them in June.
Coaches and athletes no doubt have stronger opinions; for a fan, it's more like, call us when you take decisive action. The article also notes UBC is still mulling a move to the NCAA.

CIS scholarship rules under review; Flexible model may stop UBC from defecting to NCAA (The Ubyssey)
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  1. Honestly...so the Canada West is looking at a flexible scholarship model but is then going to restrict it based on marks. How is that flexible? It should be up the school's discretion to give out their money as they see fit. If a school wants to sell their soul to the devil and give money to fringe students by all means they should be able to do that. Results in the NCAA have proven over the long run you can only go so far or be good for so long with athletes not committed to school and sooner rather than later those type of athletes end up leaving for one reason or another.