Football: Last Top 10 fail of the season

The last time we'll screw this up this season (if only for football):
  1. Laval Rouge et Or (7-1) — Account for almost half of QUFL all-star selections.
  2. Calgary Dinos (7-1) — Averaged 11 yards per pass attempt.
  3. Saskatchewan Huskies (7-1) — Believe it or not, it's been five years since a Huskies-Huskies playoff matchup.
  4. Saint Mary's Huskies (7-1) — Each of the QUFL teams they beat missed the playoffs.
  5. Queen's Golden Gaels (7-1) — Time to nut up or shut up.
  6. Western Mustangs (6-2, 1-0 playoffs) — Two losses by eight points.
  7. Montréal Carabins (5-3) — Don't try to figure them out. They can't be figured!
  8. Laurier Golden Hawks (6-2) — Didn't play, so can't be moved.
  9. McMaster Marauders (6-2, 1-0 playoffs) — Nice win on the road.
  10. Bishop's Gaiters (4-4) — If they get one more yard vs. Sherbrooke back in the season opener, they're 5-3 and home this week. There was some thought to putting Concordia here, since it did outgain Bishop's by 300-plus yards in a game it ultimately lost.
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  1. This is as good a list as I have seen. I think the VC will come out of one of the top 4 on your list. I talked to a CFL Scout this weekend and he told me "SMU's defence if they stay healthy are the best in the CIS" and he said "playing at both Laval and Huskies field are pretty much as tough as they get" and for that reason he is picking Saint Mary's - Laval in the VC!

  2. Saint Mary's really hasn't given up much defensively, has it? It does not get noticed much, but aside from the Sherby game (29-26), they haven't given up much points or yards? McGill got 23, but a lot of that was via penalties and field position changing plays, if memory serves.

  3. Inregard to Saint Mary's I have read that they have been been battling both injuries and the flu for most of the season and now they are getting players back? They now get a two week break to rest up this tells me they could be be going into the playoffs in better shape then they have been all season. With home games all the way to the Vanier they could very well be hard to beat!

  4. As for St. Mary's, I believe they are ranked too high. I mean, who have the East Huskies faced this year? The other AUS teams (not much opposition there and yet they managed to lose one to St. FX) and the two Québec teams that didn't make the playoffs (and yet they gave 46 points while D is supposedly their strength). Queen's and probably Western both deserve to be ahead IMHO. St. Mary's will face their first real test of the season in the semi-final and they will find the step high against Calgary or Saskatchewan.

    And I'm not too sure about Montréal ahead of Wilfrid Laurier...

  5. Sylven Saint Mary's has had a tougher schedule then has Queen's. The bottom 4 or 5 teams on the OUA are terrible teams (there is no other way to put it?). I don't see anyone from the OUA touching the top 4 teams on the this list.

  6. If Sherbrooke switched schedule's with Queen's do you think their records would be reversed (I do!!!!). Every year the SMU haters are saying the same crap, look a their record in this decade alone, how may VC's have they won (more then the whole OUA combined) and they have been to a couple and lost (2007 they lost Eric Glavic for the VC game or they would have had yet another win). Anyone that thinks there is currently a team in the OUA that is better then Saint Mary's or Laval is dreaming as these are the two best football programs in Canada!