Football: SMU tries to have leading rusher's suspension reduced

Long story short, people should know in about 24 hours whether suspended Saint Mary's running back Devon Jones would be eligible to return for the Loney Bowl or a potential Uteck Bowl game.

As it stands, Jones couldn't return until the Vanier Cup with his suspension.

Suspensions, forfeits, this has been a crazy past few weeks.

SMU files appeal on Jones suspension (Monty Mosher, Halifax Chronicle-Herald)
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  1. So the player from X who lost his helmet keeps coming at SMU's QB to sack him and Jones does his job by blocking him and gets a 3 game suspension? This is the worst decision this year made by the CIS and I'm sure if this was a player or team OUA there would be no suspension!

  2. That is tied for the most inane comment here all year ... since someone said the exact same comment on the previous post.

    1) The AUS (Kevin Dickie, football chairman) made the decision, not CIS
    2) What happens in OUA has nothing to do with Saint Mary's

    You can always tell a SMU fan, but you can't tell them anything, I guess.

  3. Sager as editor to this page you have shown time and time again your bias towards the OUA you should really be looking at all divisions with a non bias approach to be taken serious on this site! The OUA has always got teated above The Q, Canada West and AUS and if this had of happened to a team in the OUA there would not be a suspension and you know it!

  4. Sager just admit it YOU HATE SAINT MARYS!!!!

  5. it seems to me the wrong person is being blamed here. How come the ref did not blow the whistle right away? If a player does not wear their chin straps tight enough and their bucket comes off how can a player on the other team (regardless of who the team is) get suspended? I also understand that no penailty was called which seems to me gives the SMU fans something to complain about.

  6. People believe what they want to believe, so who am I to argue with you?

    It's a little far-fetched to say someone hates a team just because he called BS on someone who doesn't have the facts straight . If you read the original post, I allowed that a 3-game suspension seemed very harsh, especially since it happened in the course of the play.

    Saint Mary's people have been supportive of this site and coaches I've had the pleasure of dealing with -- Nill when he was there, Ross Quackenbush, Trevor Stienburg -- have been nothing but accommodating. So why would I hate Saint Mary's?

    This also has nothing to do with the OUA, insofar as it was 2 AUS teams and an AUS decision.

  7. The first post makes a good point and 3 games for a questionable call seems harsh especially going into the playoffs. If I'm SMU I too would be pissed off about this.

    Sager: you did take a swipe at SMU above when you said "you can always tell a SMU fan, but you can't tell them anything. I guess" and with that comment you opened your own door to eat some crow from SMU team or fans! I like a lot of your posts and agree with you many times but I must admit I to believe you support the OUA especially Queen's in many of your past posts.

  8. It's not a swipe when someone has to be corrected on a point twice. Please go back to the original post.

    A commenter -- for all we know, the same one -- tried to claim Jones wouldn't have been suspended if he played in the OUA (immaterial, since he plays in AUS) and/or this site would have ignored it. That's ridiculous to say once, let alone twice. Someone someone repeated it and also tried to claim the CIS handed down the suspension, when it was AUS football chairman Kevin Dickie.

    Anyway, I don't know where you get the belief "you support the OUA especially Queen's." For you to accuse a professional journalist of that is pretty low.

    We might post on the OUA a little more since it has a lion's share of teams, including 10 of 27 in hockey, 16 of 43 in basketball, 19 of 34 in hockey. Also, there is a bigger audience in Ontario! It's just the reality of trying to get traffic to our site. I don't know where you get "support" from when we do comment critically.

    And yes, I am a Queen's fan. I don't hide that, but I don't cheerlead, either. You can ask anyone. Phone the SID.

    Saint Mary's has a good team, we've said that all along, and they're capable of a deep playoff run.

  9. Anonymous, I know Neate: he is one of the most objective, insightful writers on the CIS there is. He's not a cheerleader for Queen's. There's a big difference between being a fan of a school and being a cheerleader.

    Oh, and just for the record: have the courage to be a man and have some actual balls by attaching your real name to your comment next time.