Football: 3-game suspension for SMU's Devon Jones

A story about player misconduct is threatening to overshadow the finale AUS season, as was the case during basketball season. Only this time, it was on the field. Saint Mary's leading rusher, Devon Jones, is out for three games after striking St. FX D-lineman Yahia Dalloul last Friday.
"The offence, which was not flagged by the game officials, occurred early in the fourth quarter of a 41-7 Saint Mary’s win in Halifax that clinched first place in the conference for the Huskies.

Jones struck Dalloul, a fifth-year player from Halifax, after his helmet had already been knocked off during the play. Jones kept moving and caught a short pass on the play.

Dalloul was flattened by the shot and did not return to the game. He needed dental work this week and has a swollen jaw, leaving his status questionable for Friday night when the X-Men host the Mount Allison Mounties in their regular season finale.
The debate is raging on the dot-org, of course. X coach Gary Waterman said he was "disgusted" when he watched the game video; SMU coach Steve Sumurah says it was inconclusive.

Not having seen it, it's best not to pass judgment, but it's out there and people will want to share a take.

Star running back's suspension 'excessive', SMU says (Monty Mosher, Halifax Chronicle-Herald)
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  1. There should be no suspension at all someone needs to look at this and put stop to this injustice to not only Devon Jones but to the SMU team!

  2. Is there video that exonerates him?

    Three games does sound like a lot in a sport with a maximum 12-game season — that's equivalent to a 10-game ban in basketball or hockey.

  3. I'm sure if this was a player from the OUA there would be no suspension and it would not even get any attention.

  4. The reason we have comments is so people can offer some constructive, critical feedback that has basis in the fact. You're 0-for-3.

    You or I have no way of knowing how another conference would treat a similar situation. The OUA has more media exposure -- is the play on YouTube? -- so it's highly doubtful you would get away scot-free with a deliberate attempt to injure. That's an absurd comment.

    Remember, this site also posted on Justin Dunk's "F-ck Western" comment a full 24 hours before any Ontario newspaper reported on it. So we don't discriminate when it comes to player misconduct.

  5. What comes into question is the refs did not call this hit and Dalloui was getting ready to hit Creighton. Was Jones just doing his job? Should the refs had of blown the whistle? Should Dalloui have let up on the play once he lost his bucket? Seems to me there are a lot of questions on this play? For a team to lose their leading rusher for 3 games at this time of year is a heavy price to pay even for a team as strong as Saint Mary's!

  6. Just got sent the play in question...... Wow I have seen way worse things happen and can't believe any player would get suspended for this???? Is the CIS out for SMU?