MUBL Week 1 Results

Nobody got blown out in our first week of play and someone's going to have to run laps after missing 9 of 14 foul shots...

Every team won between 3 and 5 of the eight categories in Week 1, with Sager's shooters leading the way: 26.7 points per 40 minutes and 51% from the field. Neate can thank Showron Glover for that--19 of 32 over the weekend, with 55 points in just 75 minutes--but he only won one other category as some other guy beat him 5-3 to sit alone in first place...for about four days, most likely.

Elsewhere, the Big Men on Campuses were not the Big Men on Hardwood because Greg Layson's lineup of six combined for only 255 minutes and 22 foul shots; the latter is just more than half the minimum requirement for the FT% category. Notably, the absence of Jonathan Moscatelli from this weekend's games will motivate Layson to hang around the gym during practice and explain to anyone who will listen (or even if they won't) how vital Moscatelli is to the Gryphons, but more importantly, also to his fantasy team. (We assume.)

And in our third game, Chris Lund is reconsidering hiring Dwight Howard as a shooting coach, because his team went 35 of 60 from the line, causing him to lose that category by nearly 20 percentage points, and had just 15.9 points per 40. Overall, though, he still managed to squeak out a tie in the eight categories.

Week 1 results (full statistics here):
Pettapiece 5-3 Sager
Layson 3-4 Bucholtz (with a tie)
Masters 4-4 Lund

Looking ahead: Since all QUBL teams play during Week 2 (only two did in Week 1) this week is the first week that we're all required to start a player from that conference. If you were around during the draft, you'll remember how difficult it was for us to find Quebec players who were still on the 2009-10 rosters, so this will be interesting.
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