Hockey: 22-player shootout must be some kind of record

Who knows how long it took it elapsed time, but it bears linking to the game sheet: A shootout in a Western-Queen's OUA women's hockey game went to 11 rounds before the Mustangs won.

Western shot first and missed. Queen's Becky Conroy beat Western's Jessica Ullrich. Tawn Rellinger tied it in the second. Then Ulrich and Queen's Karissa Savage turned back the next 17 shooters, including both of Queen's twin forwards Brittany and Morgan McHaffie. By that point, both teams were dipping into their defence corps to find someone with the right dipsy-doodle. Rachel Harada put Western ahead and Queen's Kerstin Van Bolderen missed and Western had a 4-3 win.

Ulrich had 42 saves, including 19 from the start of the third period through the end of overtime, so she better have put in for overtime pay.
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1 comment:

  1. An 11 person shoot out is pretty incredible.
    What would have happened if both teams went through their respective rosters without scoring?
    What would they do?
    Start all over again?
    Does the rulebook even have a provision to cover such a situation?
    If it were my call, I'd call the game a draw...neither team deserves to lose by shoot out, especially THIS shoot out.