Football: SMU's Jones would return for Uteck Bowl

Saint Mary's running back Devon Jones' widely panned ban has been trimmed to two games. He still has to miss this week's Loney Bowl where the Huskies host St. FX, but would be able to play in the Uteck Bowl (unless there's a massive upset Saturday, of course).
"Jones was suspended for hitting St. F.X. defensive lineman Yahia Dalloul in a 41-7 Huskies win on Oct. 23 at Huskies Stadium.

"AUS executive director Phil Currie said Tuesday that the three-member panel supported the contention that Jones’s action constituted a deliberate attempt to injure. But they didn’t support the premise that Jones deserved a third game because he had received a warning for aggressive play in a game earlier this season in Quebec."
In other words the three-game suspension did not stem from the act itself. It drew on the warning Jones had received during the Saint Mary's-McGill game.

Feel free to draw your own comparison between this and the efficacy of three-strikes laws

SMU running back's suspension reduced (Monty Mosher, Halifax Chronicle-Herald)
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