Football: Fan Committee Predictions AUS

The AUS Conference breakdown follows below.


Acadia at St. Francis Xavier WINNER St. Francis Xavier

This is another unanimous poll in favour of the higher seeded home team heading into this weekend. In this game though there is more than just the homefield advantage going for St. FX. This season the X-Men have been fighting for top spot in the conference all year long in a battle with the usual favourites Saint Mary’s Huskies, whereas Acadia have been struggling to find themselves in the win column more often than not. The Axemen have put up a fight and been able to score points and keep some contests closer than expected, which is an encouraging sign that this game could be better than this unanimous poll suggests. However St. Francis Xavier may simply be too strong a squad, and playing at home are easily favoured to be the victors. The lone quarterfinal showdown out East would appear to be a predictable one, with the X-Men moving on to face the Huskies in hopes of claiming the conference title.


St. Francis Xavier at Saint Mary’s WINNER Saint Mary’s

It’s not the same old same old once again this year as it was certainly not so cut and dry over the regular season. The X-Men shook up the entire AUS conference by defeating the long time dominant Saint Mary’s Huskies side to open the season. Following that up with a big Interlock win against Concordia many believed that the X-Men had knocked the Huskies from the perennial perch atop the Atlantic, which last happened in 2005 at the hands of Acadia. However the rematch against the Huskies revealed some work might still need be necessary, and a following Interlock loss at home to Bishop’s where the Gaiters completely dominated raised some questions regarding these X-Men. The Huskies on the other hand remained cool and confident and won out the season, earning the right to the playoff bye. The Huskies sport a strong Defence, solid run game and bring valuable experience in both Cup and Bowl games that the X-Men do not have. While St. FX is a veteran laden team whether they can win the season series, presently tied at a game apiece is yet to be seen. The vote was not unanimous but heavily weighted in the direction of Saint Mary’s as the play of both teams down the stretch pointed to one team as the team to beat.

The Fan Committee places their faith in the Saint Mary’s Huskies to win the 2009 Loney Bowl.
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