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The QUFL predictions round out the Fan Committee’s playoff picks. Thank you to all for reading and following along with what we believe to be the final outcome of these playoffs. Hopefully we were able to give you some insight into the games to come and of course come off as geniuses for getting all our picks right as well in the process. Enjoy the playoffs!


Concordia at Laval WINNER Laval

Does anyone choose the visitors while playing Laval at PEPS? There is good reason to side with the Rouge et Or when playing at home in general, let alone in a playoff setting. There should be no surprise then that the panel was unanimous in naming Laval the likely winners in this one. The season opening win over Concordia to the tune of 51-0 may have also done something to play into the notion that the Stingers are outmatched leading into this week. After a very shaky start where Concordia uncharacteristically started the season 0-4 they have turned about their play and seem to be a different team altogether heading into the playoffs, winning out the rest of the season to finish off 4-4. This should be a different game than the last time they met. But it is hard for many to believe that will be enough to stop the juggernaut Rouge et Or at home, especially since they already suffered a defeat on the season (the Quebec conference generally gets one shot at knocking off Laval in a season and Montreal already took it, unfortunately for Concordia and the rest of the QUFL). This rematch of last season’s exciting Dunsmore Cup finale may still be entertaining, but likely not as close as the playoff showdown last year.

Bishop’s at Montreal WINNER Montreal

There were only two predictions that came down to one single vote of confidence separating the winner and loser, one being the semi-final tilt between Wilfrid Laurier and Western (successfully predicted I might add!), and the other one being this one. Both of these teams have had somewhat similar seasons, looking extremely strong at some points and then lacking that punch at other times. Both of these teams have impressive return specialists in Frank Bruno (Montreal) and Steve Turner (Bishop’s), both of whom could change a game significantly (although early reports suggest Turner may not dress for this one). The Carabins are the home team and did earn the title of taking down Laval at home earlier in the season, which is a very impressive tagline. However inconsistency combined with injury since has lead to a few losses and even put their playoff lives in jeopardy until the final week of the season. Their starting QB Marc-Olivier Brouillette should be in for this game, returning to action following an injury. Both teams can fall into trouble with penalties and turnovers so discipline will be a significant part of the game. This could go either way, it should be a close and exciting quarterfinal. However the fans have placed their faith in the giant beaters Montreal to come out on top in the end.


Montreal at Laval WINNER Laval

Having suffered a loss in Montreal nothing would be sweeter for Laval than exacting revenge upon their longstanding rivals the Carabins for all the marbles. The season series is tied at a game apiece so this will be the rubber match for all the bragging rights. There was a significant drop off on Montreal’s part after that victory and it cost them the top ranking overall in the country, not to mention nearly cost them a spot in the playoffs. What the Carabins proved however is they can play with and even take down the impressive R&O machine. However asking Montreal to do that again with Laval licking their chops for revenge, in the conference championships, on Laval’s home turf, seems almost like asking for a miracle. If Montreal is victorious they will most certainly be worthy of the crown as conference champions, they would have overcome a lot for the accomplishment.

However in the opinion of the Fans Committee it will be a 7-peat for the Laval Rouge et Or as they once again claim the conference title and become 2009 Dunsmore Cup Champions.
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