Basketball: Scoring updates via Twitter

Those who follow basketball closely know about Dale Stevens' Canadian University Basketball Discussion List (CUBDL), which has been around since most people were just coming aware that the Internet was on computers.

The CUBDL has entered a new phase. Yes, it's on the Twitter at, where Dale Stevens and a cast of others will be offering scoring updates throughout the season.

"The CUBDL Twitter account will augment the current Discussion List," Dale writes, "and will allow followers the opportunity to get updated information on CIS basketball, before the daily CUBDL Digest is sent.

"It is anticipated that the prime purpose of the CUBDL Twitter account will be to provide updated scores of games in progress, and games recently completed."

Several Tweeters have signed on, and more might join:
Anyway, hopefully others will join in and foster more discussion of roundball.
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