Masters University Basketball League - inaugural Live Draft

UPDATE: The draft is now complete; the results are here for anyone interested. Our first-round picks were Boris Bakovic (Ryerson), Keenan Jeppesen (McMaster), Mark McLaughlin (SMU), Jacob Doerkson (TWU), Showron Glover (U of S), and Ross Bekkering (Calgary). The eight head-to-head categories we're using are points per 40 minutes, free-throw percentage, field-goal percentage, rebounds, blocks, steals, assists, and three-pointers.

At last year's Final 8, a bunch of us, both from The CIS Blog and SSN Canada, kicked around the idea of a CIS basketball fantasy league, with players drafted from across the country.

It appears this idea was not merely the product of excited post-midnight ramblings, because in the last two weeks, we have finalized the rules and organized a live draft. The first group of owners, consisting of six CIS basketball followers and chroniclers (including league namesake and co-creator Mark Masters) will draft tonight at 7 pm ET.

So click through if you're interested in learning who's drafted when, who ends up with the best team, and so on.

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