Linking the country ...

  • Is the flu going to affect the outcome of the OUA semifinal between Western and Laurier? (Don't forget there is a liveblog Saturday.) (Waterloo Region Record)

  • Laval coach Glen Constantin's team beat Concordia 51-0 in regular season, but there's a historical precedent for a team playing the Rouge et Or tough in the post-season after getting waxed the first time. Saint Mary's in 2003 ring any bells? (Le Soleil)

  • Regina cornerback Jeff Lukomski will be playing in the Rams' semifinal game vs. Saskatchewan on Saturday and then rejoin the Cougars basketball team in Lethbridge. (Regina Leader-Post, via

  • Speaking of the game, Regina QB Marc Mueller says "it's on the (Regina) offence. We're moving the ball very well but we're just not putting up points." (

  • Windsor centre Matt Morencie is now a Hamilton Tiger-Cat, but the B.C. Lions aren't too happy since they claim there was an agreement he would sign them next season. B.C. is losing out on an investment it made in bringing Morencie to training camp, there's some right to be bad. (Vancouver Province)
  • St. Thomas defenceman Bryan Main is skating again after a scary incident in a game two weeks, which is good to hear. He's not up to playing. (Fredericton Daily Gleaner)
  • has a preview of the weekend's games to watch. Keep an eye on the Laurier-Toronto matchup in the OUA.

  • Saskatchewan guard Trevor Nerdahl took a long and winding road to his current location. (Saskatoon StarPhoenix)

  • No. 9 Windsor is still point guard by committee going into the regular season. (Windsor Star)

  • Dalhousie star guard Simon Farine figures his Tigers are "a bigger, talented and more athletic team" than the one which went to the Final 8 last season. (Metro Canada)

Not CIS soccer, but dude, yanking a player down by her ponytail and not getting red-carded?

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  1. Elizabeth Lambert is her name, and mayhem, not soccer, is apparently her game.
    Really, this says about as much about the competency of NCAA women's soccer officiating as it does about her "sportsmanship".
    I mean, how in blazes can she get away with this crap?
    The hair pulling is one thing...purposely kicking the ball into the face of a fallen opponent?
    Are you kidding me?
    She makes Sean Avery look like Jean Beliveau.
    Sad thing is...she's already some kind of hero to more than a few people, according to several internet blogs.
    It's truly a sad comment when blogger says "Great! This puts women's soccer on the map!".
    You think NCAA officials relish this type of pub?
    This is enough to make people compare women's soccer hockey!
    I think it's about time someone sat down with this girl and have a long, long chat with her.

  2. Remember how the girl in Superbad yells, "What the f---!" when the fat kid passes out drunk and head-butts her? That was my reaction. It was brutal.

  3. Thaaaaaat waaaaaaas. . . awwwwwwesome. People might give a rat's ass about women's athletics if we got that type of show all the time.

    The shannanagans remind me of 1980s Patrick and Adams division hockey. When there wasn't as much tv coverage the players could get away with a lot. Also, the players of that era weren't really that big, weight training was still a football-only thing, so even when they creamed each other they weren't delivering the same type of punishment as we see today.

    Ah good times. Next time though, jello wrestling.

  4. Superfan:
    THAT was awesome?
    Well, whatever floats your boat, eh?
    YOU might be entertained by this, but most people would be appalled by "that type of show".
    Of course, your type of show apparently is MANSWERS, or anything else on Spike.
    You're the kind of guy who would probably sign a petition to add bitch-slapping as an Olympic sport.

  5. Just to stand by SFHS, TSN tonight played the clip and when has TSN cared about women's sports outside of what's mandated by their arrangement with Hockey Canada and who's the hottest tennis player?

    They referred to the suspended OHL player Michael Liambas as a member of the Kitchener Rangers. Uh, if Liambas was on the Kitchener Rangers when he put Ben Fanelli in the hospital, then you'd have a story!

  6. Oh Anonymous, are you telling me that you honestly took my comment seriously? Lighten up a little, friend. You just might find that you enjoy yourself a little.