Football: Outlining the OUA

Both the Toronto Star and Sun Media have published their OUA football previews.

The Star, as a broadsheet, got to go a little more in depth. The tabloid reporter would not mind having that luxury, but the Sun listed teams by predicted order of finish rather than alphabetically.

A special thanks to the FAN 590's Mike Hogan complimenting both outlets' OUA football previews today on The Bullpen. Hogan champions university football perhaps more than anyone in traditional media. Incidentally, U of T coach Greg DeLaval had a good line during his appearance today: "Most teams are two-deep, we're one-deep."

In the interest of equal time, former the York Lions star Andre Durie, now making headway as a return specialist with the Toronto Argonauts, was the subject of a feature in The Star. Durie will be healthy for the Labour Day Classic ("Nobody blows like the Argos!") for the first time in his career.
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