Football: Allin's three TDs were 'other' worldly

Someone blinked and missed Queen's Jimmy Allin returning two punts and a kickoff for touchdowns:


We kid, because we love. The OUA, as a whole, has been very good to this site. It certainly jumped out that "other" is leading the OUA's fan poll and that Allin, whose 439 return yards on Monday were more than some teams' offences gained last weekend, was not one of the options. It's nothing to lose sleep over.

For point of clarification, football is exempt from consideration for the CIS male athlete of the week honour since it has its own weekly honours. The honour went to Nipissing soccer striker Shayn Karn, who scored the game-winner in the Lakers' win over nationally ranked Carleton. The temptation was to snark off that it must have been one hell of a goal if it topped Allin's three-touchdown afternoon, but now we know better!
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