Basketball: Cracks in the cross-town rivalry?

Alberta and Ryerson each got their man, hiring Greg Francis and Roy Rana to lead their men's basketball program. The court cognoscenti are still inquiring about a third coach who has roots in the GTA and experience with Canada Basketball, Ottawa's Dave DeAveiro. This came up in the summer, as you would recall.

This is better left to hoops insiders who have played and coached on a serious level, not dilettante generalists (I am as inside as your compost heap and it seems to work out OK). Take it away, Jim Thomas:
Despite all of his success DeAveiro has been strongly linked to CIS coaching searches at Alberta last winter and Ryerson this past summer. He was actually the first choice for both schools before turning down both opportunities. The question that Gee-Gee fans must be asking themselves is how much longer will DeAveiro be with the program if he is actively looking at other CIS jobs? If DeAviero leaves, I can't see Ottawa being the power they have been. I think ideally DeAveiro would be great for the Toronto job when his mentor Mike Katz finally hangs up his whistle a few years down the road."
The Jim Thomas Report (emphasis mine)
The veracity thereof might almost be beside the point. DeAveiro, of course, has a team to coach this season. Not to Stelco this (blow smoke), but a few nosy parkers are wondering about the state of sports at uOttawa.

Jennifer Brenning left to become AD at Carleton. Respected women's hockey coach Shelley Coolidge is now over on Bronson Ave. instead of King Edward and most of her coaches have followed her to the Ravens (who went 3-0 on a season-opening road trip to Southern Ontario, a not bad start in a season where the QSSF has two berths at nationals). Well-liked sports information director Dan Carle recently left. It's the old how-many-coincidences-add-up-to-a-fact.

The cross-town rivalry is only as strong as both schools' sports programs. This is not meant to cause any undue stress, but simply to point out people are starting to talk. Among the hoopheads, Thomas' report is bound to fuel speculation about another person who is a great asset to the University of Ottawa.
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  1. Brenning left because she wanted to be an AD and Luc Gelineau did not look like he was leaving anytime soon. Drew Love at Carleton was planning to leave in a coupke of years and offered her an assitant job so she could prepare for taking over when he left She did take over.
    The unilingual Coolidge left because she never felt comfortable in the bilingual atmosphere that permeates the administration at Ottawa. She also got along with Brenning who was in on her hiring at Ottawa.
    Not sure why Dan Carle left , but no one seems to stay long in any kind of sport information job there, Mark Wacyk and John Bower are two others that did not either.

  2. There's an athletic director at the University of Ottawa ?????

  3. Yes there is Anon 8:10. Although I can not remember seeing a media interview with him. or a quote from him in the press, a news release fron him, an opinion on a subject, for at least a couple of years now. He is largely invisible outside of the ivory tower.