Football: Chapdelaine to start for Queen's

Queen's coach Pat Sheahan has played coy all week about his starting QB, but true freshman Justin Chapdelaine will be under centre for the Golden Gaels vs. Ottawa today.

Dan Brannagan (mild concussion) is not even on Queen's depth chart.

On Thursday, Brannagan was "scheduled to start" and now it's "buy your ticket and find out."

Sheahan's colleagues also have injury issues with their No. 1 QB. Montreal coach Marc Santerre says in that in 26 years of coaching, he's never had three QBs injured at once (Le Soleil), while Laval is going with backup César Sanchez-Hernandez, who granted would start on a lot of teams.

One small note for Golden Gaels and Ottawa Gee-Gees followers: Queen's does have defensive halfback Alex Daprato back in the lineup. Daprato is a big d-back who can be like an extra linebacker in run support.

My plans are to head out to the game, since it's a nice day.

It goes without saying that if this was the NFL, a coach would have to be more forthright about a player's health. This is not the NFL, though, and that's part of the reason we love it so.

'Brannagan could play,' coach says (Kingston Whig-Standard)
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  1. I would prefer to see him rested. As we learned last year winning every regular season game meams very little if your start quarterback is playing concussed in the playoffs.

  2. As it turned out, Brannagan's services were not required in this one.
    Although Chapdelaine was far from brilliant he was competent enough to win this game.
    Particularly when Ottawa's defense were in a helpful mood.
    On Queen's only TD, the Gee Gees D gave Queen's that score practically gift wrapped with a bow.
    The Gaels got new life on that drive after an offside call negated a turnover on a dropped 3rd down long snap.
    A roughing penalty and two objectionable conducts with one courtesy of the coaching ataff, gave Queen's 35 yards for free.
    On the whole though, Ottawa's defense played well enough to win, only conceding 3 FG's and 16 points in total.
    Ottawa's offense could not capitalize on the great field position their defense gave them, especially in the first half, and that was essentially the difference in the game.
    Once again, penalties and predictable, unimaginative play calling wrecked drive after drive.
    Even though Queen's won by only 12 points, it may as well have been 120 points because the Gee Gees never gave the impression they were capable of overtaking Queen's relatively slim lead.
    Another afternoon of teeth grindingly frustrating futility from the home town team.