Bishop's Gaiters' athletic digs get an upgrade ...

A couple notes about the announcement Bishop's is getting funding from three levels of government for a $29.5-million reno and expansion of its athletic facilities:
  • It is a facility which will be for the surrounding Sherbrooke/Lennoxville and Champlain College.
  • It probably will help the football Gaiters with recruiting.
  •, talk about timing, has a capsule up coach Rod Gilpin's Gaiters.
  • A new 800-seat hockey arena is part of the plans. Bishop's had a hockey team once upon a time. Many similar-sized liberal arts schools in New England also have men's and women's hockey teams (there are only three of each among QSSF schools).
  • People in Ontario must wonder how it is the federal Tories are so eager to spend all this money in Quebec. It angries up the Upper Canadian blood, just kidding, but not really.
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1 comment:

  1. This funding is part of the federal spending program to counter the recession. The money has to be spent over the next 2 years and the provincial goernment must contribute the same amount of money for the funding to go through. There are similar announcements all over Canada. This is not a Bishop's thing, or a Quebec thing, or an elections thing. It's Keynesian economics. It is also an investment in the health and education of future generations. And as you said, it serves Champlian College and the whole community (Sherbrooke = 190 000 people), not just BU. Sherbrooke is in dire need of an additional hockey/skating rink that's not falling apart like the current W.B. Scott Arena on campus (built 47 years ago).