Football: Fans Top 10 Sept 16/09

For the voting breakdown every first place vote receives 10 points, every 10th-place vote receives 1 point. Last week's rankings in parentheses, first place votes in bold.

  1. LAVAL 250 (1) 25
  2. WESTERN 221 (2)
  3. SASKATCHEWAN 187 (3)
  4. SIMON FRASER 146 (9)
  5. MONTREAL 142 (7)
  6. CALGARY 133 (5)
  7. QUEENS 98 (8)
  9. SAINT MARY'S 35 (4)
  10. OTTAWA 25 (NR)

Other teams receiving votes: Regina (22), Wilfrid Laurier (17), Windsor (6), McGill (2), Concordia (1), Guelph (1), Acadia (1)
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  1. There is absolutely no rational explanation for Queens moving up in the rankings. Sorry, a close call against the Pride of the Hammer is just not good enough.

  2. They only moved up since Saint Mary's moved down. That support SMU had received had to go somewhere.

  3. Everyone is underestimating Guelph. They are as good as, or better than Queens, and will make their way up the rankings as the season progresses. No respect.

  4. No respect? Guelph gave up 50 points against Queen's in a loss and then beat York, the worst team in the country last season.

    Right now they're a 1-1 team that does have peoiple talking over at .ORG about what they can do but they have to beat a top flight team first. Right now their offence is explosive and fun to watch but we'll see if they can take down Western, Ottawa or Laurier. If they do that then they'll get the votes and the respect they deserve.

    I wouldn't be surprised if Guelph did crack the Top 10 before the year is out, but they have to win first.

  5. Queen's moved up because of SMU's drop, and their close call was because of the injury to Brannigan early on - the Gaels used both second and third string QB's for the majority of the game. They're still a Top 10 team, the last game just made it a bit harder to rank them with all the injury issues. Clearly the defence is still there though.

  6. We'll see how good Queen's is this week when they take on Ottawa.
    The Gee-Gees were a handful of key plays away from making their game against Western an upset instead of a two touchdown loss.
    They moved the ball for over 500 yards against Western but turnovers and penalties at critical times killed several drives.
    If Brannigan is a no go Saturday that only enhances Ottawa's chance of winning.

  7. Pat Sheahan said on today's OUA coaches' conference call that Dan Brannagan is playing. He's been checked out and is scheduled to start.

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  9. Radoslav says, "Clearly the defense is still there though" when trying to defend Queens' ranking.

    They were playing Mac, right?

  10. Honestly, what is going on your life that makes you go out of your way to pick every nit, real or imagined, with Queen's?

    For the record, I did not put them No. 6. They were lower on my ballot.

    The sample sizes are way too small at this point. Queen's did force 5 consecutive two-and-outs in that Guelph game, so there was defence even with the 52-49 score. Shomari Williams also becomes eligible this week.

  11. I agree with sager that the sample size is too small right now only a couple of games into the season. Using the "it's just MAC" basis though MAC put up an extra score against UW than Ottawa did, so does that mean make MAC is tougher competition than the Gee Gee's? (at least offensively)

    I too had the Gaels ranked lower on my ballot just as an fyi, but I still had them in the Top 10. They remain a Top 10 team at this point in the season thanks to last season and a 2-0 start to this year. But hey this weekend that opinion could either change or be further reinforced after facing Ottawa.

  12. Don't sleep on Mt.A out east. They have a couple of MAJOR players injuried when they get back in a couple weeks watch out. Anyone can win that conference since SMU lost.

  13. Relax Sager,

    I'll call a spade a spade when I see it. Debate is what makes sport and commentary interesting. Don't get your lovely yellow undies in a knot.

    Happy Slide

  14. I am insulted that people think I own undies.