Football Top 10: Huskies, Carabins, Hawks rise, Stingers sink

One way to analyze the UFRC/Top 10 is by seeing who was up and who was down. Ironists will note that in this week's poll, Laurier and Montréal got huge bumps after beating U of T and McGill (although, really, they cashed in after Concordia's 51-0 loss to Laval caused a Sarah Palin effect). Calgary dipped perhaps more than it should have. A play here and there and they win at Saskatchewan.

Simon Fraser moved into the Top 10 without playing, with Ottawa dropping out.
  1. Laval (no change)

  2. Western (no change)

  3. Saskatchewan (+312)

  4. Saint Mary's (–49)

  5. Calgary (–149)

  6. Laurier (+312)

  7. Queen's (+275)

  8. Montréal (+330)

  9. Concordia (-589)

  10. Simon Fraser (+10)
Also receiving votes: Regina (+76), Sherbrooke (+48), Ottawa (-176), McMaster (+3), Guelph (–2), UBC (no change; presumably it was the same person who gave the T-Birds his 10th-place vote).
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  1. Can someone explain to me how a team (ya, I'm looking at you Queens)can go up in the rankings when their defense just gave up 48 and had to be rescued by a last chance field goal. Could it be that the little school in Don Cherry's home town is also a little overrated? Maybe, when considering that fact, the last two choke-jobs in the OUA playoffs aren't so surprising. Oh well, if it weren't for the Gales we wouldn't have a punchline to so many classic jokes.

  2. This week's Nos. 6-7-8 teams were last week's 7-8-9. Concordia's plunge was the rising tide that raised all boats. Does it really go deeper than that? Probably not.

    As for the playoffs, the deserving team won each of those two playoff games. The 2007 Western and '08 Ottawa teams were each better than the 4-4 records which put them on the road to Kingston. Western was outgaining teams by 100 yards per game during its 0-4 start in '07 and was just turnover-prone; all that stuff about the "Marshall miracle" is nothing more than a media creation. The '08 Ottawa team had a whack of injuries and was penalty-prone.

    It might not have seemed so clear then, but you reevaluate over time.

  3. We have a problem with SMU going up at #4... Without even having played a down yet, it sounds "antiamerican" to us!! loll

    We (The Carabins) have beaten St-Mary's quite easily at the end of last year in an interlock game. (If it interest someone)...

  4. Neate - do you get a vote for the top ten? If so who was your top ten?

  5. Yes, I have a vote ... I was without internet access from about 7:30 a.m. Monday to 3 p.m. Tuesday so my ballot might not have gone in (and I would not have voted before all games were completed)

    My ballot was Laval-Saskatchewan-Western-Calgary-Montréal-Saint Mary's-Queen's-Laurier-Concordia-Sherbrooke.

  6. Why Queen's over Laurier?

  7. 41-14 when they played in Kingston last season. Till then Queen's gets benefit of the doubt.

  8. "41-14 when they played in Kingston last season. Till then Queen's gets benefit of the doubt"

    Using that logic, Ottawa defeated Queen's last time they met in in a sudden death semi. Have to give Ottawa the benefit of the doubt.

  9. Actually, you misinterpreted the logic.

    The way it works is that you evaluate the current sason using the past season as a guide to more info becomes available (i.e., until the teams have played more than one game).

    We don't know enough about Laurier and Queen's based on their season openers. Who is 7 and who's 8 is pretty much a toss-up. Ottawa lost by two touchdowns at home and took 151 yards in discipline, so it's a little tough to consider them alongside those two teams.

    If they beat Queen's in 10 days' time, the Gee-Gees will be right in there. Besides, it doesn't matter, it's just conjecture. You think the players really worry about this stuff? They just try to get ready for the next game.

    Also, what about the person who put UBC in the Top 10, or the person who voted for Mount Allison two weeks ago? Go find her/him.