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A few links before settling in to watch the Vikings (seriously, it's their year):

  • Laval's points for and against through two games: 96-6. (Le Soleil)

  • Saint Mary's receiver Carl Hardwick notes the Huskies "had a couple of bad days of practice with guys too overconfident" prior to their loss to St. FX on Saturday.

    Another nugget from the coverage in Halifax: X coach Gary Waterman had his players salute the fans at Oland Stadium after the final gun, a nice gesture. (Halifax Chronicle-Herald)

  • No doubt a shudder went through some coaches when they saw Western tailback Da'Shawn Thomas might want to stay in London for more than one year:
    "Western works out well for me. My dad came to see me play in this game. I'm seriously thinking about sticking around here. I can play college football and get my degree, prepare for life after football and get my education."
    (Toronto Star)

  • Queen's QB Dan Brannagan's status for the Golden Gaels-Ottawa Gee-Gees grudge match next Saturday might be more closely guarded than Fort Knox. A user notes that Brannagan suffered a mild concussion vs. McMaster.

  • Ottawa, for what it is worth, reduced their penalties vs. Waterloo. They were only flagged 15 times for 125 yards. For anyone wondering, the school's release calls tailback Jordan Wilson-Ross a "second-year transfer," so presumably he is not eligible for rookie of the year. (press release)

  • Does anyone else feel Western clearly looked like the class of the OUA but far from invincible beating Laurier 30-7 on Saturday? Consider that feeling the old it's not how, it's by how much. The No. 2 Mustangs look like they can win with offence and defence, although the team in Kingston proved it in much more bizarre fashion by winning 52-49 and 8-7. (London Free Press, Waterloo Record)

  • The Golden Hawks kicker is named Nathan Hawkes. Big deal. There was a time when every player on the Mustangs, at least going by his jersey, had the last name "Western." (Waterloo Record)

  • A wag of the finger for recycling a nickname ... Windsor is calling running backs Paul Lafaive and Kamar Anglin "Thunder and Lightning," the same handle that was bestowed on Daryl Stephenson and one of his backups three years ago.

    It's almost charming when the hometown coverage posits that Windsor could give Western a game based on wins over the two Toronto teams (don't mind being proved wrong if they do, though). (Windsor Star)

  • Two weeks into the season, Guelph QB Justin Dunk has six touchdowns by air and four by land. It might be a good idea to find out if any OUA player has ever had double digits in passing and rushing touchdowns in the same season.

    Phill Côté, who won the Hec Crighton Trophy at Ottawa in 1999, pulled off that feat. Côté, if memory serves, scored more often as a runner (16 times) than as a passer (10). (Guelph Mercury)
  • Mark Wacyk has a capsule up on the York Lions, who have a pair of 6-foot-10 posts in Stefan Haynes and Dejan Kravic to complement combo guard, David Tyndale. Ottawa transfer Justin Bell might be pencilled in at small forward. (

  • For all you hoopheads, Mark also has a summary of all pre-season tournaments.
  • Former Lakehead goalie Chris Whitley has made it to the Detroit Red Wings main training camp. (TBNewsWatch)

  • Nipissing drew 1,000 fans for an intrasquad game. Some OUA hockey teams would be happy to have that size of crowd for a playoff game. (North Bay Nugget)
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  1. Just a quick heads up, it’s CHRIS Whitley not Shawn Whitley …

    Chris has been a top 3 goalie in the CIS for the last 4 years now, so it’s not surprising that the Red Wings will take a closer look at him … when Chris is on, he’s definitely one of the best, those of you that follow OUA West hockey will already know this …

    Thanks for posting the link, and thanks for the work you guys do covering CIS hockey!

  2. Of course, nice catch on your end ... we don't claim to be all-knowing.

    The SID at Brock U is Shawn W-h-i-t-e-l-e-y. My brother Shawn's birthday is in two days. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

  3. I have often heard talk that when Carleton does bring back the football program, they'll use the "Laval model"
    Pleading ignorance here, what exactly is the "Laval model"?
    Are any other CIS teams currently using it?
    Would such an economic plan be allowed by the NCAA?

  4. In a nutshell -- and I make no claims on being on an authority -- the Laval model is that the program is privately funded and pays for itself through fundraising, ticketing, concessions, corporate support. The coaches are responsible to a board of directors, rather than the athletic department.

    Laval and the University of Regina run their football team on this model and Lakehead University runs its hockey team this way.

    I don't know how the NCAA would feel. I was under the impression many athletic departments at Division I institutions with a big-time football program pretty much were autonomous from the university.

  5. funny though about Wilson-Ross. If he is a second year transfer would he not have to sit a year seeing that he played JUCO last year? The answer is no, as JUCO is pre-university in the eyes of the CIS.

    I have seen uOttawa press releases that called players fresh out of CEGEP, transfers. It seems that their PR people are confused as to what a transfer is in CIS terms. I think that W-R is a rookie under the CIS definition?

    uOttawa's SI people are in error in calling him a second year transfer. He is listed on the Gee-Gee roster as being in his first year of eligibility.

  6. If you played at a NJCAA school, would that not count against his eligibility?

    I'll confess I don't have a ton of interest in this stuff ... the day I care is the day I make a six-figure annual salary in some capacity with university athletics.

  7. The SI people at Ottawa should issue a statement clarifying the staus of Wilson-Ross, They may have damaged his consideration for rookie of the year in the eyes of some by their previous sloppy and incorrect use of the term "second-year transfer". They need to clarify or they might be doing him a disservice.

  8. NJCAA--no it doesn't. It is considered to be like CEGEP. If it did count WR would not be playing this year as he played a full year last season, and he would not be listed as in his first year of eligibility on the roster.

    Not many would care about this stuff, It is hard to keep track of this stuff with all the compicated rules. Look at all the confusion over the status of the ex-pros at UWO and Laval. A lot of fans thought that if you played one game of pro in any league (Georgia or NFL Europe), you could not play in the CIS. Turns out it ain't so.

  9. I will take you at your word ... but Americans often do a season at a juco and then play the following season at a four-year school.

  10. So is he a rookie or not? I am confused.

  11. I think he is a rookie, but my opinion does not mean anything. I think uOttawa needs to make it clear for the sake of W-Ross himself, and because they have muddied his status,

    So in the U.S, if you play JUCO, you get four years of eligibility at university? If you don't play JUCO, you still only have four years? So they don't count JUCO against your university eligibilty either? Is this so, or am I confused on this one?

  12. On the Laval model, Sherby is also run under "La Corporation du Vert & Or"...