Football: Carleton could be ready by 2011, says AD

This site's Ottawa preview touched upon a revived Carleton football program that "would be run on the Laval model."

The Toronto Star's OUA preview talked to Carleton AD Jennifer Brenning about it and now there is a time of arrival, price tag, and a mention of the Laval model:
"Brenning ... said a team could be ready to join the OUA in time for the 2011 season but that's incumbent on the university able to raise close to $750,000.

" 'For a quality program, coaches and team, it'll cost that much,' she said.

" 'A school survey was quite receptive and we're looking at how programs operate at other schools. Laval is a good business model and run like an NCAA team. They are also building a 25,000-seat stadium.'

"Brenning said Carleton was counting on support from an Ottawa consortium, involving alumnus John Ruddy, which is trying to secure a CFL team and a stadium for the nation's capital. Brenning said Ruddy, a major developer of retail centres across Canada, had given a verbal commitment of a significant donation if a pro team could be secured." (emphasis mine)
Hypothetically, Carleton's football ambitions are not married to the Lansdowne Live proposal ... they are definitely cohabitating, though. In all practicality, though, using the Laval model requires support from more than just alumni, students and football fanatics. That is easier achieved in a pro stadium than playing on campus.

The best football analogy for Lansdowne Live is that the group has come up with a big play to get the ball, but is facing first-and-10 from its own 1-yard line. Legal challenges and electoral politics are bound to factor in, too.
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  1. 2011 seems a little optimistic by Brenning. Does she not know that the OUA/CIS requires two years from the time a team applies to the time it is allowed to play?

    To play in Sept 2011 they would have had to made a formal application this week,

  2. $750,000?! Interesting calculations. I suppose this has to do with building their own training facilities and including long-term funding. I cannot see how 2011 is in the mix either. Any chance you can iron out some of these details with Carleton?

  3. If it is truly run on the Laval model then, what the heck, go for it. However, if it risks sucking the life out of the athletic budget at Carleton then I hope the project is axed before it begins. Many great things have happened to the school's athletic program since the money was put to more effective use.

  4. When are administrators going to realize that Canadian University football played in off campus venues just doesn't work. This is a power play to get Ruddy a CFL stadium and amateur-sport capital funding, he will use Carleton as means to that end. There is no doubt in my mind that Carleton will quickly turn into an after thought once this guy has his stadium. I would love to see Carleton back in the mix but it is a mistake to hook their hopes to this snake-oil salesman. I feel nothing but bad vibes from this purposal.

  5. I really do think carleton would fit well in to the landsdown live.NO i do not hink it will be a after thought.

  6. Well, if I get my podcast up and running, surely we'll try to get Ms. Brenning for an interview, possibly.

    @Superfun happy slide: We are dealing in opinions here, but it's way off-base to call Ruddy a "snake-oil salesman."

    Make no mistake, the Lansdowne Live guys are businessmen first. The sports properties are the carrot, the retail and residential development is the stick. At the same time, they are local developers, who are going to be in the city no matter how things unfold. No doubt they could not follow through on their commitment to Carleton and most people would not notice, but they have a pretty solid reputation.