Basketball: Kong is...somewhere. Possibly Spokane.

The incomparable Mark Wacyk notes two things about the hopefully-completed Sudanese saga. The first, and more important one, is:
According to reports out of Gonzaga, Bol Kong has arrived on campus there and will be suiting up for the Bulldogs this coming season.

Follow this link to a Gonzaga discussion group where this news has had them buzzing all day.
For what it's worth, Andy Katz at ESPN is talking like Kong's presence is a given.

The second thing Mark points out? 'Zaga--or as one GU poster called them, the Kongzaga Boldogs--are scheduled to play the U of A in 47 days. This is a good time to recall that Alberta's Greg Francis did a Q&A with a Gonzaga blog.

But that Nov. 2 matchup is certainly one to watch, and someone should remind our West Coast bureau that Spokane is only, what, a seven-hour drive? (Get on that.)
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