This Justin; Dunk to sit out over F-bomb; Score will not add 7-second delay

The lesson today is someone being gifted athletically doesn't mean they're going to act all nice and media-friendly, even if we wish otherwise.

Guelph QB Justin Dunk, as you probably expected, is suspended for Saturday's game vs. Waterloo after he was caught saying "fuck Western" right in front of The Score's camera after his third touchdown run of the game vs. the Mustangs barnburner last weekend. Guelph put out a statement from athletic director Tom Kendall:
"I have spoken about this with Justin. He is one of the top quarterbacks in the country, but we both agree that his actions Saturday do not reflect the high standards required of all Gryphon athletes."
Dunk also apologized to Western in the statement.

The optics arebad for the U of Guelph. Generally, football players tend to come from more conservative, straigtlaced families than the general student population. Guelph coach Kyle Walters, whose recruiting base is in south-southwest Ontario, has to worry about what parents of prospective players might think if let Dunk off without a wrist-slap. It's the, "What values is my child going to learn if he plays there?"

At the same time, there has been a trend toward the media overreacting about perceived poor sportsmanship by athletes in major sports. Just from memory, there was the NBA's LeBron James being scolded for leaving the floor early after his Cleveland Cavaliers were ousted from the playoffs, Detroit Red Wings players chastising Sidney Crosby for not shaking hands at the end of the Stanley Cup final, mixed martial arts' Brock Lesnar insulting UFC sponsors during a post-match interview and the fallout over Serena Williams losing a match after she told off a lineswoman at the U.S. Open.

The same go-for-broke mindset someone needs to be a great athlete does not lend itself to upholding Little League lessons about sportsmanship. Dunk has a lot of moxie and derring-do out on the field, a Superman attitude, but he got carried away when he sought out a camera and swore.

Ultimately, Dunk has made OUA football more fun to watch. For instance, in Week 1 against Queen's, Dunk ran to the sideline after a game-tying touchdown in the final minute of play and hopped on a bench to wave his arms at the Guelph fans. Nothing wrong with that.

People individually maybe shouldn't mind Dunk swearing. The university, OUA and its TV partner have different concerns and obligations.

Update: Greg Layson did the gumshoeing and a full story is posted. Apparently, the OUA received complaints "within five minutes" and Guelph had a few Monday morning calls. The Score says it will not adopt a seven-second delay.

" 'What’s funny about sports is that the reason you want the camera there (on the sideline) is to get a sense of the emotion of the game. And it’s rare that you get that,' said Greg Sansone, The Score’s head of programming. 'When you do get the emotion, you run the risk of crossing that line.

'When it happened I was, like, "Wow. Yikes." But there’s nothing you can do, it’s live TV.”

"The Score broadcasts without a seven-second delay and without the use of a “panic button,” used to mute profanity before it hits the airwaves.

"But Sansone said his station didn’t receive a single complaint about the profanity as of Monday afternoon. And, his station will not change the way it broadcasts University Rush on Saturdays.

" 'Am I happy that it happened? No,' Sansone said. 'We’re sensitive to the way OUA student-athletes are seen. We would never want to air anything to make people look bad. I feel terrible about the fact he’s suspended.' "

Gryphon QB Dunk suspended for bad language (Greg Layson, Guelph Mercury)
Potty-mouthed pivot sacked by Gryphons (Christine Rivet, Waterloo Region Record
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  1. The big issue seems to be that before the season started Guelph's AD sat down with Dunk and had a talk with him about his behaviour, it appears that message may not have been received...

  2. Unfortunately since this is an amateur sport you can't fine the players. Perhaps the punishment will have minimal damage since they are playing waterloo instead of Laurier.

    One name you left out of the list of professional examples is tiger woods. He gets caught swearing OFTEN.

  3. The Sportsnet ticker says that the suspension was the result of comments AFTER the game.

  4. Here is the CP story in its entirety:

    GUELPH, Ont. — The Guelph Gryphons will be without starting quarterback Justin Dunk when they face the Waterloo Warriors on Saturday.
    Dunk was suspended for one game Monday by the University of Guelph’s athletics department. The ban was the result of Dunk using inappropriate language during the school’s 41-39 home loss to the Western Mustangs on Saturday.
    Dunk made an inappropriate comment about Western on camera during the televised game.
    “I have spoken about this with Justin,” Tom Kendall, Guelph’s athletic director, said in a statement. “He is one of the top quarterbacks in the country, but we both agree that his actions Saturday do not reflect the high standards required of all Gryphon athletes.”
    Added Dunk: “I apologize for my remarks, they were offensive and inappropriate. Like all of lifes experiences, I will learn from this.”

    It says "during." The Canadian Press has a better reputation for accuracy than Sportsnet.

    @ Big V — Tiger is a good example. The others came to mind b/c they were specific examples. I guess I am desensitized to Tiger "working blue."

  5. The difference between Tiger Woods and Justin Dunk is that Woods cusses after a bad shot, much like John McEnroe used to when he played tennis.
    Dunk directed his bomb directly and purposefully into a camera and aimed it at Western .
    Tiger Woods, as far as I know, has never walked up to Phil Mickleson and said "F you Lefty"...although I bet the thought has crossed his mind.

  6. I also distinctly heard an unknown off camera person on the Guelph bench yell "step in their fucking necks" during a timeout late in the game. Did anyone else catch that? While I am a huge Western fan (and alum) I certainly don't think anyone should be suspended for swearing as long as it is spontaneous and not aimed in anger at a particular player. I don't think what Dunk said was in anyway directed at a particular person and for the record I would be upset too if I lost every game but one in my career to a particular team.

    As a side notes did anyone else notice the crazy facial twitches thank Dunk seemed to be exhibiting in the second half? It seemed like his right eye was blinking about 30 times a minute. I was amazed he could even see to throw the ball! Either that kid had one too many redbulls at half time or he was on some sort of upper...

  7. Ryan,

    As individuals, we might be OK with it, but institutionally, it's different for the school, conference and TV partner.

    Not to overly play semantics, but it's like it's one thing if the F-word is used as adjective or adverb ("Step on their f----- necks" or "what the f--- are you doing") and another when it's used as a verb ("F--- Western").

    By the way, 5-Hour Energy Drink. No caffeine crash!

  8. Thanks Neate for introducing us, Frenchies, to your semantical application of the F-Word... lolll

  9. You're all missing the worst bit of unfortunate language choice here, and that belongs to The Record for the phrase "potty-moved pivot." I know their sister paper in Hamilton is all about cutesy, forced alliteration, but that one is squirm-worthy.

  10. pff this is stupid
    what does everyone think is being said in scuffles or in play during oua hockey games, you can hear mlb players swear all the time after striking out on major networks same with the nhl
    this should be a non issue

  11. I wonder if Guelph would have been so willing to suspend Dunk for a game if it was against Ottawa instead of Waterloo next on their sked.
    Guelph without Dunk should still be able to handle the Warriors no problem.
    Against Ottawa, I'm not so sure, not with the Gryphons' suspect D.

  12. Lets not think for a second that Guelph Athletics would compromise their integrity because they're playing Ottawa rather than Waterloo. Thats Laughable.

    As for JD the guy is just huge to the Gryphons football program and has been for time. As biased and pro-Gryphons as I am there is no chance that I could envision Guelph's existing rising success as a program without this guy. His passion for winning is so obviously evident to anyone who really watches him, and its understandable why he let that happen. He gets fired up and his antics are part of the package. Justin Dunk knows how to win and admittedly this year's 2-2 record indicates otherwise for the time being, I will stick to my notion that he is the guy you want in the clutch. His passion for winning is hands-down tops in the league.

    This is the guy that in 2007 he proved that he could take his team to the Yates Cup. Personally I say, how many other qb's in this league can be so effective in both the air and on the ground? Sure Faulds and Brannagan can routinely rack up 450 yards passing a game but what happens when a really well-coached and well-prepared defense takes that avenue away? And the season isn't done just yet, we may get some surprises.

    So maybe he made a poor decision there and now he's learning the hard way. Repercussions were made, Justin will sit this one out and learn from his actions. But before we make our judgements lets not forget that this student-athlete is a true ball player, something that I think the OUA is lucky to have.

  13. They ARE playing Waterloo instead of Ottawa, that's my point.
    It's easy to sit the superstar out for one game against a patsy like Waterloo, who lost 45-11 to the Gee Gees.
    Playing a team like U of O without him could be a different story.
    I'm not saying the Guelph AD wouldn't have done it if they were playing Ottawa this's just a lot easier decision when its Waterloo.
    Fortunately for Guelph, Dunk will be back for the Oct 9 match with Ottawa.
    It is pretty obvious to anyone Dunk is the QB in the OUA by lots.
    He's a serious contender for the Hec, even after this little episode.
    The punishment, IMO, isn't that severe and really shouldn't be a detriment to the team thanks to fortuitous scheduling.

  14. Being suspended for 1 game in OUA football is the equivalent of being suspended 10 games in the NHL, or 3 games in OUA basketball. I think the punishment fit the crime.

    Was it wrong for him to swear during a football game? No. Was it wrong for him to do it to the camera? Yes.

    Knowing Tom Kendall he would have suspended Dunk regardless of their opponent.

  15. Gryphons football a whole should be closed, its filled with people of the wrong motives. Justin Dunk although he would like to think he is, is no hero. In addition to that "Fuck western" should be a Non Issue, look at hockey fighting isn't part of the game, but what would it be, what would bring the fans to the games. Sure you seea magnificant goal once in a while or a great run or catch but its the pure hostility that keeps fan wanting more.