Football: Fans Top 10 Sept 9/09

For the voting breakdown every first place vote receives 10 points, every 10th-place vote receives 1 point. Last weeks rankings in parentheses, first place votes in bold.

  1. LAVAL 280 (1) 28
  2. WESTERN 238 (2)
  3. SASKATCHEWAN 215 (3)
  4. SAINT MARY’S 161 (5)
  5. CALGARY 153 (4)
  6. WILFRID LAURIER 124 (8)
  7. MONTREAL 120 (9)
  8. QUEENS 97 (7)
  9. SIMON FRASER 72 (10)
  10. CONCORDIA 20 (6)
Other teams receiving votes: McMaster (12), Sherbrooke (12), St. Francis Xavier (10), Regina (9), Ottawa (9), Manitoba (4)
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  1. Does not say a lot when Concordia gets smoked 51-0 and Queens gets in a shootout with Guelph and gives up that many points and both remain in the top 10? As always the cream will rise to the top and I expect to see Laval & Saint Mary's at the end now that SMU's QB has more experience under his belt I think they have the team that can go toe to toe with Laval.

  2. Laval vs. Saint Mary's is not a bad Vanier pick.

    Please keep in mind with the Top 10 that we are talking about a country with only 27 teams and four conferences. That means having to rank teams which will end up not even playing in their conference final. It's simple math. Maybe we should do a Top 8 poll, it might make it more worthwhile.

    As for people bagging on Queen's, please. They have won 18 of their past 24 games (75%). The first criteria for being ranked is performance. Show me 10 teams which have won 75% of their past 24 games.

  3. I think the Top 5 is accurate (for the exception of Laval 2-5 can be shifted in either direction as they are all the best teams in the CIS) That being said I think one should look at the quality of team that the loss was too and Concordia lost to Laval. I believe Concordia can beat Wilfrid Laurier, Queens and Simon Fraser. Acadia has the toughest schedule of any CIS team so if they played in the OUA against Windsor, Toronto, Waterloo, York, Guelph or Mac they would have 6 wins as would Concordia and Montreal. So if Toronto beats York do they deserve to be ranked in the Top 10?

  4. Queen's did lose a spot in the rankings even despite a hard fought win in which they put up 52 points. Granted yes they gave up 48 points but that's why they didn't move up any.

    Concordia got blasted and shut out but they fell 4 spots and lost a lot of confidence in the voters eyes, they were close to being knocked out of the Top 10 this week. But they did play Laval, and that's never an easy draw especially for the opening game. Calgary almost gave up 50 points in the first half of their Bowl Game last year to Laval, so using that logic you could say that no CanWest team should even be in the Top 10 right now. But that's not how it goes, some teams match up better against others and yes a number teams who won't even make conference finals will show up as well.

    Interesting point about the Top 8 instead of 10 sager, it is a valid point since there's only 27 teams playing in the league. I think 5 isn't enough, but 8 might suffice. Everyone loves that nice, round 10 number though don't they?

  5. Second anon. poster I think you're selling the OUA a little short but it often happens, especially since the conference is so large that bottom feeders do emerge and many OUA games are televised nationally. Until there's more interlock beyond just the Q and AUS then the debate will always rage on.

  6. @2:54 p.m. ... Mount Allison doesn't have the toughest sked in the country with a home-and-home vs. Saint Mary's and a trip to Laval back-to-back-to-back?

    There is no way of knowing. Given how much trouble AUS teams have in interlock, though, it's a little much to say a 1-7 Acadia team would win 6 games in the OUA.

  7. Neither Acadia or Mt Allison have a great schedule. If they get stuck with this tough schedule and a weak OUA team can build a record by beating an even weaker team that would finish last in the other 3 divisions. I agree with Mike that until there is an interlocking schedule this will always be a debate. I'm sure if you ask the coaches and players at either of the AUS schools mentioned above or The Q or Canwest who they would rather be playing they would love the OUA softy schedule where you can build wins against 5 or 6 of the weakest teams in the CIS.

  8. Yes, at least 5 of 6 of the weakest 26 teams in CIS are in the OUA. Perhaps even 8 of 9 of the weakest 26.

    It's a played-out argument. Weak teams are like water: They find their own level.

    Also, no true competitor would want a softy schedule. You think the Carleton Ravens basketball team looks forward to beating RMC by 50, or playing a tight game vs. Windsor or Ottawa?

  9. It has to be true that Acadia and MtA have the toughest schedules in the CIS. Even with losing records, they still make the playoffs.

  10. I totally agree with sagers last statement about good teams wanting to play the best teams. Western has been playing Laval for 3 years in exibition games and that has made them a better team. But I disagree with Anonymous's statement and agree with what was said above "put teams like Acadian and MtA in the OUA and they easily make the playoffs".It is easier to play 1 team 1 time then play them 2 times in the same season. It is not fun playing SMU or X 2 times in the same year both top teams in the CIS.

  11. What about Sherbrooke's schedule: Bishop's, McGill now watch out, Concordia, St. Mary's, Concordia, Montreal, Laval, Montreal. That's tougher than Mount Allison's or Acadia's in my opinion. And I don't think Acadia would beat McMaster or Guelph.

  12. I think the point is these teams have pretty bad schedules. Talk to Sherbrooke, Acadia or Mount A and ask them if they would rather play the OUA teams mentioned above. I do believe Acadia can beat McMaster not sure about Guelph.

  13. Laurier looked terrible today and do not deserve to be in the Top 10 and with St of X beating SMU and Regina giving Sask a good game they both need to be ranked above Laurier!