Football: Gaiters' Lee turns down Lions

Far be it to point out the irony that the Carolina Panthers were interested in Bishop's Jamall Lee as a running back, but that his hometown CFL team was more interested in him playing a supporting role. It's good, honest work and many Canadian university players thrive in such a role, but someone who did last until the final NFL cutdown date is justified to look for a NFL gig.
"Lee, the Port Coquitlam runner who was cut on the weekend by the Carolina Panthers, has rejected a contract offer by the Lions, according to Buono, who implied the 22-year-old wants to pursue an NFL practice-roster spot that would earn him twice as much as he would make as a three-down rookie.

" ... Personnel co-ordinator Neil McEvoy offered an immediate active roster spot to Lee, who would have started on special teams and likely also have been used on protection schemes with fellow Canadian Rolly Lumbala. No dice."
This is just coming from an observer who, frankly, would rather not know all the ins and outs of roster management in the CFL (that's for the people who draw an income covering the league).

It is probably pragmatic for Lee to wait a few weeks and see if a NFL team has a running back go down with an injury (there is kind of a high rate of attrition with 220-pound players who have to run at full speed and find a small opening in between much bigger defenders). The CFL will be there, just as it was for Jesse Lumsden after his NFL iteration in 2005.

Chopped by Carolina, Jamall Lee spurns B.C. offer; Port Coquitlam RB eyes an NFL practice roster(Lowell Ullrich, Vancouver Province)
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